‘Round-the-Clock Festivities in Hong Kong
everyone knows we love to throw a party, and last night’s openings for our two new stores in Hong Kong were no exception. at our women’s Collection store at ifc mall, we celebrated with a lion dance (a traditional Chinese dance used to commemorate important occasions). while over at our men’s shop on On Lan, we filled the street with confetti. here, a glimpse at some of the fun…

Photography by Luke Casey.

Tomorrow we open our first women’s Collection store at ifc mall and our first men’s store at On Lan Street in Hong Kong. For more details, click here.

Meet…Arnault and Baptiste of Kapok
we spent the afternoon with Arnault Castel and Baptiste Guedez, the guys behind Kapok, one of our favorite shops in Hong Kong to find cool, under-the-radar brands and collaborations. the two French expats talked to us about everything from eccentric street style to their favorite neighborhood burger joint—and had us feeling like locals in no time.
Arnault (left) and Baptiste (right) are photographed in Wan Chai, where they run the store Kapok. Arnault wears a J.Crew Ludlow spread-collar shirt in chambray, a camo jacket by Maison Kitsuné and AMI pants. Baptiste wears a J.Crew cashmere sweatshirt, a 484 selvedge jean in resin crinkle wash, a cap by Kapok and shoes by VOR.
Where did the name Kapok come from?
ARNAULT: I opened the first Kapok store on Dragon Road, a nice back alley in Tin Hau. There was a huge banyan tree in the middle of the road, giving it a very magical atmosphere. I love wood and organic material, so I wanted to find a tree name for the store. You find a lot of kapok trees in Hong Kong, and the name sounds funny and looks good graphically. Also, it’s nice that it’s a name not everyone is familiar with, so people don’t know exactly what to expect.

Which brands are you excited to be carrying at Kapok?
BAPTISTE: Some of my favorites are Sunspel, a classic UK brand that I’m a big fan of, and Margaret Howell, a U.S. brand that has incredible quality, fabric and fit. Also, Eytys shoes, Barbour jackets and Orlebar Brown beachwear. We’ve also just received a Miki Breton, a reinterpretation of the classic sailor hat that I really like as an alternative to a baseball cap, from Béton Ciré.

Tell us more about Wan Chai, where you guys have your shop.
ARNAULT: Since we moved here in 2008, so many new stores and restaurants have opened. The vibe is still good though, and we’re surrounded by many cool independent stores and different types of food. What strikes me most about the neighborhood is that sometimes it feels very Chinese and sometimes it feels very European. So, it’s the perfect fit for a Hong Kong store started by a French guy!

Any neighborhood spots where you like to grab a bite?
BAPTISTE: TED’s Lookout for its burgers! They’re TED’s specialty—they’re juicy and served on a wooden plancha with crispy fries.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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On May 22, we’ll be opening our first women’s Collection store at ifc mall and our first men’s store at On Lan Street, both in Hong Kong. For more details, click here.

Meet…Lane Crawford’s Stylish Secret Weapon
you know those girls—you can’t wait to see what they’re wearing or how they put an outfit together. Lane Crawford’s fashion director, Sarah Rutson, is one of those for us. she has an uncanny eye for print mixing and always seems totally at ease. we visited her at Lane Crawford’s headquarters at the ifc mall, where we’re opening our first women’s store on May 21st and where, we confess, we may have done a little “inspired” shopping after the shoot wrapped…

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

Our Collection jacquard popover is currently unavailable online, but call 800 562 0258 and we’ll try to help you track one down. To shop our entire J.Crew Collection, click here.

On May 22, we’ll be opening our first women’s Collection store at ifc mall and our first men’s store at On Lan Street, both in Hong Kong. For more details, click here.

The Detour: Malibu’s Getty Villa

we took the afternoon off and headed to the Pacific Palisades with fashion writer Sarah Hay to check out the Getty’s permanent collection (housed in a structure modeled after a first-century Roman country home) and take in its panoramic view.
Sarah, photographed at the Getty Villa, wears the Point Sur slim stacker Japanese selvedge jean in klutey wash with a vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer and Nike Free sneakers.

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Hair and makeup by Gabi Pascua for the Wall Group.

Special thanks to the Getty Villa.

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J.Crew x the Glow: Mother’s Day Edition

in honor of Mother’s Day, we teamed up with our friends at The Glow to photograph West Coast–based Hannah Henderson, cofounder of Venice boutique General Store and mom to two gorgeous little ones—Lennon (who is a dead ringer for her mom) and Costa (who is a surfer-in-the-making if we’ve ever seen one). here’s to a zen Sunday…

Photography by Kelly Stuart for the Glow.

To see the entire story on Hannah and learn more about the new book The Glow: An Inspiring Guide to Stylish Motherhood, visit The Glow.

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Studio Tour: Noon Design Studio

one of the things that inspired us most on a recent trip to LA was the shades of blue that we spotted everywhere, from swimming pools to the fronts of warehouses. so when we heard about Jane Palmer and her natural-dye house that specializes in indigo in the heart of the city’s garment district, we jumped at the chance to see the process for ourselves…
We certainly weren’t the first to fall in love with indigo dye, an organic compound found in hundreds of different plants. In fact, it was used by many ancient civilizations and valued for its rare blue color. “I love the look of natural indigo dye because it never looks flat,” explains Jane. “It has this uniquely inky look that glows from within.”

“Indigo dyeing is about patience because it takes a long time to achieve the desired result,” says Jane. Once the indigo has been prepared (a process which alone takes about an hour), it’s added to a vat of water, which turns an unexpected bright yellow or green.

After cloth is dipped into the vat, it also comes out yellow-green. It’s the oxygen in the air that will slowly turn the material blue. To get that rich indigo hue, the fabric must be repeatedly dipped into the vat—up to eight times to make it really dark.

To create their unique indigo designs, Jane and her team use a process called shibori, the ancient Japanese practice of folding, clamping, binding and stitching fabric to create patterns (we think of it like a really complicated version of tie-dye). The technique takes time to master; in Japan, a dyer must apprentice for years before becoming a practicing artist. “We have developed our own styles of shibori that we use over and over because we love the way they look,” she says.

Photography by Ken Tisuthiwongse.

For more of what we were up to in LA, click here.

meet Mark, our art director and all-around aesthetic eye, who, in addition to being an early adopter of super-cuffed denim, rocks a pair of Adidas® Stan Smiths™ like nobody’s business.

Growing up, what influenced your style?
I read my first GQ when I was 12 and asked my mother for a subscription for my 13th birthday. I am a child of the ’80s and a young adult of the ’90s—music was a big influence: The Smiths, Depeche Mode and some Madonna, I’ll admit.

Safe to say you’re a diehard sneaker guy, right?
I think sneakers are so comfortable, and what’s so great about them is that they have the ability to make, say, a pair of tuxedo pants and a chambray shirt feel right for work. They’re not for everyone, but I like to mix things up.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

Special thanks to the Foliage Garden. To shop Mark’s Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, click here.

Meet…Sophie Buhai
we couldn’t wait any longer for the sun (or warmer weather), so armed with Point Sur jeans, we headed to LA—the denim capital—to meet up with a few of our beach-loving counterparts. meet Sophie Buhai, a tried-and-true California girl who cofounded the line Vena Cava and has a thing for high-waist denim.

Hometown & current home
Los Angeles and Los Angeles.

You recently moved back to Los Angeles from New York. What has that transition been like?
It has been fantastic. LA is a very exciting city to live in right now. The city is really evolving. It feels like a very healthy, positive and inspiring place to live. Things feel new here—and people are very supportive of new galleries, fashion companies, book fairs, food spots, etc. I like to think LA has always been this great, but there is a new energy here, and people are responding.

Tell us a bit about what you’re up to these days.
I just moved into a house, so I’ve been really getting into interiors. I’m loving early ’80s interior books, old Terence Conran books and old issues of Casa Vogue.

Since moving back to the West Coast, how, if at all, has your style changed?
I’ve gotten into being chic and effortless. I know everyone says that’s the goal, but in LA, you really look silly if you’re even slightly dressed up. There is a lot of linen, denim, gauze and rattan happening in my outfits these days.

Speaking of easy dressing, do you remember the first pair of denim you really loved?
Yes! I still have them. They are a pair of high-waist Levi’s from the ’70s that I got at Wasteland in LA. I’m a big fan of the high waist—it’s so flattering.

So safe to say you’re a vintage addict. What’s your most recent acquisition?
My mom just gave me a pair of tan ’90s DKNY Grecian sandals. They are delicate and perfect, made in Italy. It’s the classics that get me.

Five things you can’t live without? Go.
1. My boyfriend
2. Sitting in the sun
3. Pilates with old ladies every week
4. Aesop geranium hand balm
5. The wonderful Internet

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Hair by Sabina Yannone for Ramirez Tran Salon and makeup by Gabi Pascua for the Wall Group.

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Game On
armed with 25,476 mah-jongg tiles (it’s a traditional Chinese game, a bit like rummy) and some serious precision, we headed to Hong Kong to set up a temporary storefront for our new store that would really make a statement. here, a look at how it turned out…

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