(British) Music to Our Ears

you may have noticed our office has had a touch of Anglomania this month
since we started shipping UK-side (check out our British Things We Love post for details).
well, our across-the-pond passion didn’t end there. we enlisted
Sara and Nadia of the London-based label Young & Lost Club—known
for launching indie sensations like Noah and the Whale—to compile their
ultimate UK playlist and show us how to rock out Brit style.
1. “Tomorrow,” Being There
A brand-new London band—their sound is an amalgamation of lo-fi ’90s guitars and wry, bittersweet lyricism.

2. “Modern Love,” David Bowie
This or “Let’s Dance” is always guaranteed to jump-start a dance floor.

3. “Give It All Back” (Live from RAK Studios), Noah and the Whale
Taken from their new album, The Last Night On Earth, it’s an exuberant piece of nostalgia.

4. “Stutter,” Elastica
The most effortlessly cool band of girls, ever.

5. “All Day and All of the Night,” The Kinks
Probably the most staunchly English of their ’60s contemporaries. This has been covered to death but the original is still best.

6. “Moon Crooner,” Egyptian Hip Hop
A ridiculously young Mancunian quartet that is the culmination of a whole host of English influences.

7. “Babies,” Pulp
Currently wowing the festival circuit with reunion shows, Jarvis Cocker of Pulp has now achieved English national treasure status.

8. “The Magnificent Seven,” The Clash
No playlist could possibly be complete without The Clash; “The Magnificent Seven” was influenced by old-school hip-hop.

9. “Set Fire to the Rain,” Adele
The musical phenomenon of the past year and such a London girl!

10. “Just Decided,” Hudson Mohawke
At the absolute forefront of music, Hudson Mohawke is influencing everything from clubs to Chris Brown.

11. “The Look,” Metronomy
Off the album of the summer for many—The English Riviera—it’s a tribute to the Devonshire coast.

12. “Don’t Bring Me Down,” ELO
A 1979 rock classic from the man who also wrote Olivia Newton John’s “Xanadu.”

13. “Shuffle,” Bombay Bicycle Club
Only five years after forming (when they were only 15), they’re already on their impressive third album.

14. “More Than This,” Roxy Music
Years later and Bryan Ferry is still infinitely chic. This song also features in the memorable karaoke scene in Lost In Translation.

15. “Cruel Summer,” Bananarama
Lifelong girlfriends who started by performing impromptu backing vocals for punk acts like Iggy Pop.

16. “I Wanna Be Your Man,” The Rolling Stones
The Rolling Stones released this Beatles cover a few weeks before The Beatles themselves did. A perfect snapshot of “Swinging ’60s” London!

17. “Moth-Eaten Memories,” ExLovers
Hailing from all over England, ExLovers now reside in London and are the epitome of laid-back, grungy cool.

18. “Tell Me a Tale,” Michael Kiwanuka
Michael Kiwanuka is a formidable new talent, with an exciting take on retro soul.

(illustration by Jim Datz, special thanks to Young & Lost Club)
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