Jean Shop

inside the in-jeanious Meatpacking outpost
of the cult-favorite denim brand
Co-owner (and denim industry vet) Eric Goldstein oversees Jean Shop’s small but obsessed-over selection of super-customizable hand-sewn jeans and shirts made of high-quality Japanese selvedge. A visit to the West 14th Street location reveals a store that’s equal parts rock ’n’ roll and gritty Americana.

1.The Jean Shop mascot is clearly the pig. In a nod to the neighborhood’s fleshy past, vintage oinkers of all kinds—in ceramic, brass and iron—dot the shelves.
2. The door to the top-secret wash room—site of raw denim transformation, where the raw denim is washed, sandpapered and whiskered to each customer’s specs—is kept firmly shut.
3. Goldstein points to Charles C. Ebbets’s iconic 1932 Lunch Atop a Skyscraper as a major source of inspiration, and even the figurines from a metal model based on the photo have been given the Jean Shop customization treatment: Witness the signature orange selvedge trim.

A few quick questions for Eric:
Q: Who is your dream customer?
A: My dream Jean Shop customer is Bruce Springsteen, and I’m happy to say that that dream has become a reality.
Q: What’s the most outrageous customization request you’ve ever gotten?
A: We were asked to bedazzle a pair of jeans with the words “Eric Clapton” running down the leg in rhinestones.
Q: Did you do it?
A: We didn’t. While we hate saying no, we have to draw the line somewhere.

Insider tip: While the Jean Shop jeans at J.Crew already feature a custom wash you can’t find anywhere else (and that we think is pretty perfect), if you crave further custom enhancements, talk to the good people at Jean Shop at 212 366 5326.

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