Our Handpicked Holiday Gift Guide

attention, last-minute gifters: we polled a few of our departments
for a roundup of their guaranteed-to-please presents.
here’s what they came up with—we’re positive these
gifts won’t disappoint anyone on your list…

1. Vintage chandelier: “This snowflake chandelier was made in Finland by Paavo Tynell circa 1950. It’s arguably the coolest chandelier ever and available at Wyeth, the best store to daydream in.”

2. Passport to Trespass Vols. 8 & 9 by Mikael Kennedy: “The only gift we’d like better than this would be an actual Polaroid of his!”

3. f444 lounge chair by Pierre Paulin: “David Bowie owns one of these. Enough said.”

4. Oscar sofa by Matthew Hilton: “One for our dream living room—it’s the perfect mix of traditional and modern.”

5. Jielde signal desk lamp: “The best desk lamp for visual nerds. It’s sleek, stylish and comes in tons of cool colors!”

6. Patterns and colors Washi tape: “We got these as props but had so much fun with them, we’re giving them to everyone on our list this year!”

7. Princess Sovereign bike: “Classic and timeless transportation.”

8. Area Wear alarm dock: “Madman meets necessity.”

9. Hermès sneakers: “Understated decadence at its very best.”

10. J.Crew vintage solid oxford shirt: “The everyday shirt. I hate to brag, but when it comes to perfect classics, we do it best.”

11. Terrarium: “With miniature tableaus added to the tiny landscapes, these terrariums by Twig are downright adorable.”

12. Interiors by Martyn Thompson: “The ideal addition to any design book collection. Martyn Thompson’s photographs are gorgeous and the featured homes are so inspiring.” Bonus: Signed copies are available at John Derian, 6 East 2nd Street, New York, NY 10003.

13. Teepee incense burner: “We picked these up on our annual trip to the Southwest region. They smell delicious, look cute and even send smoke signals!”

Men’s Design
1. Izola maritime soap dish: “He wouldn’t buy it for himself, but he’ll be so glad you did.”

2. DODOcase™ for J.Crew for iPad 2: “The gift of the season, in our humble opinion (we love the forest green one).”

3. Hooker’s Sweet Treats: “Dark chocolate-covered caramel with sprinkles of sea salt (aka mind-blowing yumminess).”

4. Signed Rolex®: “The ultimate—it’s the James Bond Submariner model and every man’s dream watch.”

5. Swans Island® merino wool throw: “We have wanted this forever; hopefully this will be the year…”

6. Walnut Wenger utility pocketknife: “Totally timeless—a true old faithful.”

7. Oliver Jeffers painting: “He’s a talented children’s book author and an awesome painter!”

8. Maple syrup from Best Made: “Delicious syrup and the bottle is cool enough to keep out on your counter. Everything from this company is great, though; we recently bought their old-school enamel camping mugs but they also have a fantastic blanket and AXES!”

9. MIMI’lou wall decals: “Amazing decorations for kids from a very imaginative French brand.”

10. Matite d’Epoca pencil set: “Beautiful pencils in a cool envelope holder. We love simple, functional design like this.”

11. Danner® for J.Crew Mountain Light II boots: “The perfect winter boots—you can go hiking in them or wear them to a downtown brunch.”

12. Handcrafted Modern by Leslie Williamson: “A beautiful design book.”

13. Artist prints: “These prints of icons are a dream present for music lovers and much more affordable than at other galleries.”

14. Whiskey stones gift set: “A great way to keep your drink cool without diluting it (and it makes any holiday drink look a tad more masculine).

1. Monogramming: “An easy way to brand yourself…Sorry, we couldn’t resist.”

2. Sophie giraffe: “Every baby is obsessed with this; give it to all the new moms on your list.”

3. Monocle radio: “This can sync up with your iPhone and looks so old-school cool—who says radio is dead?”

4. Ladurée recipe book: “Packaging is key—this book is almost as good as receiving a box of the famed macaroons themselves.”

5. Fouta Zina throw: “Practical, gorgeous and it gives back—it’s a gift trifecta!”

6. Unionmade campfire-scented candle: “There are now a lot of these wood fire-scented candles on the market, but none have a chic grey wax color like this.”

7. Tasting Room wine samplers: “Bring the vineyard to your backyard.”

8. Mini emergency kit: “The perfect stocking stuffer—it has everything you need. They also sell college-theme ones for your younger siblings home on break.”

9. Hugo Guinness print: “We particularly like the pigeon as a nod to living in NYC.”

10. Oribe après beach hair spray: “A product that actually gives you the ever-elusive beach-tousled look.”

11. Alden® for J.Crew 405 Indy boots: “If you need to impress the man in your life, these will do the trick.”

12. French press coffee pot: “Perfect for lovers of good design and coffee. It’s also sleek enough to leave out on the counter, like a piece of art.”

13. Unseen NYC guide: “For the New Yorker that’s seen it all and for the tourist who wants to go against the grain.”

14. Lizzie Fortunato black eagle earrings: “All she needs to dress up a simple black sweater. These are part arty and part fashionista without being too trendy.”

15. Applecrest Farm gift pack: “Fresh apples and jam delivered directly to your door? Failproof.”

Brand Creative
1. Teepee pet playhouse: “Don’t forget, your pets need a little lovin’ too around the holidays!”

2. I’d Rather Be Copy-Editing tote bag: “The name says it all.”

3. Virginia Johnson shawls: “Beautiful and warm with some of the most unique prints we’ve seen. You’ll have it forever.”

4. Little Printer: “Perfect for the techie who has everything”

5. Coffee subscription from Blue Bottle Coffee: “Our department runs on the stuff and this coffee from San Francisco is some of the best we’ve tried.”

6. J.Crew solid poplin pajama set: “You may just be watching Home Alone with your dog, but you’ll feel like Cary Grant.”

7. J.Crew Viv flats: “These are perfect for holiday parties and comfy enough to stand under the mistletoe for extended periods of time (wink, wink).”

8. iHome boom box: “For those of us who still miss the ’80s.”

9. Bon voyage banner: “So much cooler than your average party store banner (and there are many more messages to choose from).”

10. Letterpress necklace: “As copy buffs, we obviously love that they’re using an ampersand as jewelry.”

11. Calendar: “Perfect for brightening up your desk at work. Plus, it will inspire you to eat more fruit every day!”

12. Apple Magic Trackpad: “Hello, 21st century.”

(blue bottle coffee image via here)
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