Fashion Week: “What Are You Crushing On?”

in honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked some familiar
faces at our presentation to tell us what they’re
crushing on this week. check out their adorable answers
(and the old-school Polaroids we snapped of them) below…
Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief, Harper’s Bazaar:
“William Boyd’s latest novel, Waiting for Sunrise, pinstripes and oversize clutches, as they always make you look like you mean business.”

Pamela Love, Jewelry Designer:
“My fiancé.”

Anna Dello Russo, Editor in Chief, Vogue Japan:
“Lana Del Rey—I just met her and she’s so beautiful. She reminds me of Brigitte Bardot.”

Kate Davidson Hudson, Accessories Director, Elle:
“This collection!”

Phillip Bloch, Stylist:
“Whitney Houston. Especially the fact that she’s in the upcoming movie Sparkle, and everyone knows I love some sparkle.”

Lisa Salzer, Accessories Designer, Lulu Frost:
“My leopard print Madewell pumps!”

David Thielebeule, Accessories Director, Allure:
“Azealia Banks.”

Coco Rocha, Model:
“How relaxed and happy the models seem.”

Joanna Coles, Editor in Chief, Marie Claire:
“I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I have a serious crush on Ryan Gosling.”

Matthew Schneier, News Editor,
“Berocca—it’s the European version of Emergen-C, and I’m completely addicted.”

Garance Doré, Fashion Illustrator/Blogger:
“Pink lip gloss!”

Mr. Mickey, Paper Magazine:
“I’m crushing on teenagers and senior citizens. They’re the only people I can stand these days.”

Zanna Roberts Rassi, Fashion Editor, Marie Claire:
“Absolutely everything from this collection, especially the chunky pullovers.”

Nancy Gibson, Half of the design duo behind Edith A. Miller™:
“Romantic love. And, of course, I’m crushing on my heart clutch too.”

Kelly Bensimon, Model/Author/Editor:
“My green sequin J.Crew skirt. I was photographed by Bill Cunningham in it this morning.”

Richard Haines, Illustrator:
“My china markers for drawing. They’re really cheap and I love how you have to unravel them to sharpen them.”

Danielle Bufalini, Editor, Daily Candy:
“The movie Perfect Sense with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green.”

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