Gayle’s Favorite Things

we asked our superstylist and in-house culture maven, Gayle,
to tell us a few of her favorite things. and no, she didn’t sing them to us
Sound of Music–style (we tried, we promise).
1. Ritter Sport chocolate
“My sustenance—I would live on this if I could.”
2. Glass cylinders
“Glassblowing was my absolute passion—I did it every weekend for eight years.”
3. 92nd Street Y
“My home away from home. I’ve seen everyone here, from philosopher and civil rights activist
Cornel West to famous economist Alan Greenspan.”
4. Colorful masking tape
“My anything and everything. I use it to add some whimsy to some of my more old-school pastimes: handmade birthday cards, wrapping paper and letters to friends.”
5. Louise Bourgeois
“Her passion and prolificacy are a constant inspiration to me. Her Sunday Salons at her townhouse in Chelsea are the stuff of legend—somehow, she never fails to leave me speechless.”

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