A Moment with…Frank Muytjens

our head men’s designer and his bucolic weekend retreat in Hillsdale, New York,
are featured in Elle Décor magazine. we took a moment to find out how
he stays busy and inspired without Wi-Fi or cell phone service (gasp!).

Photo: William Waldron, courtesy of Elle Décor.



On the weekends, Frank loves to entertain friends. His signature homemade Dutch apple pie and cheeses from the renowned Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg are entertaining staples. “Every cheese has a mouthwatering description that defies you not to buy it,” he says.


Frank isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. He grows sea holly in his Hillsdale garden because “they’re spindly and look very masculine.” (He even uses them in our menswear presentations and office decor.) His faithful gardening companion? Dutch, his two-year-old vizsla. 


Frank is obsessed with old-fashioned American hardware stores and collects an assortment of timeworn objects. He’s particularly fond of a brand called Estwing that produces hammers that become “even more beautiful as you use them.”


Frank constantly collects books for his country and city houses. One of his favorites is a collection of books from the 1930s and 1940s called “La France Travaille,” which is about French workwear. “I’m inspired by garments that tell a story,” he says.


One of Frank’s favorite home furnishings stores, beloved for its selection of French industrial-style pieces—which he mixes in with Marcel Breuer armchairs and mementos such as turtle shells and antlersis Germain, located nearby in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.


Frank’s weekend uniform usually consists of a white crewneck tee, a Stanton short or jean, a Barbour® jacket and New Balance® sneakers (or Red Wing® boots when he works in the garden).

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