Jenna’s (Over-the-Top) Pick: Edie Purse in Alligator

it’s the beloved Edie purse that you know but with a luxe alligator
flap. (they’re so special we’ve only made nine of them.) we call
it the perfect “I was very good this year” gift.
Just in time for the holidays, we’ve introduced the Edie purse in alligator—
it’s a luxurious take on our classic vintage-inspired style. Available in three
colors (waterfront, pesto and merlot), each one-of-a-kind bag is hand-finished
in New York City with antiqued hardware, twill lining and a detachable
shoulder strap—so you can carry it as a clutch like Jenna does.

The J.Crew Collection Edie purse in alligator is $1,500 and is available
exclusively at our 769 Madison store in New York City.
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