Gift of the Day (Discovered): Our Teach For America Tee

feeling present tense? this tee was dreamed up by our in-house web designer
Rachel Domm, and 100 percent of the profits from its sale will be donated to
Teach For America, making it a feel-good gift to give.
It’s true: A girl can never have too many T-shirts. This exclusive Teach For
America tee was the result of an in-house design contest and is the perfect gift for
the hard-to-shop-for woman (or stylish little girl) on your list. The contest winner,
our ace illustrator and designer Rachel, explains that the inspiration for the shirt’s
whimsical apple graphic came from the simple heart logo on the PLAY Comme
des Garçons® tees that J.Crew carries. (The winning sketch she submitted is
shown here.) “I wanted to create something visually compelling,” says Rachel,
who admits she’s constantly sketching in her notebook. “It’s a great cause, so you
want to be sure that people notice it.”

Shop our Teach For America tee for women and girls.
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