Gift of the Day (Discovered): Caputo & Co. Bracelets

guys in the know have been wearing Caputo & Co. bracelets since the line
launched last year, but these leather and waxed cotton bracelets are more than
just rugged good looks. they do good as well.
“I call the collection ‘Istanbul meets preppy,’” says designer and In Good
Company partner Alex Caputo, the aesthetic eye behind the textile-inspired,
waxed cotton bracelets J.Crew carries this season. Alex, who is from
Venezuela, has teamed up with the Guatemala-based nonprofit Comunidades
de la Tierra
to bring jobs and fair pay to workers in the region and to further
the time-honored tradition of hand knotting.

“The DNA of the brand has always centered around handmade artisan
items with workwear details,” says Alex of his socially conscious designs,
which are often inspired by trips to far-flung places such as Thailand,
Istanbul and Argentina.

He sources his leather from eco-friendly tanneries in Mexico, which, he
explains, “leave in imperfections—that’s part of their beauty” and use only
natural vegetable dyes. The result is a bracelet that even the jewelry-shy guy in
your life will wear for years (and it’ll only get better as he does).

Shop our selection of Caputo & Co. bracelets here.
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