Suiting Up: Sean Sullivan

“When guys tell me they need a suit quickly, I always send them to J.Crew,” says
Sean Sullivan, a New York filmmaker, photographer and founder of the
crazy-popular Tumblr The Impossible Cool. Since we’re in the middle of what some
would refer to as “tux season,” he swung through the Ludlow Shop in Tribeca last
weekend to check out our latest addition to the formal rotation, the Ludlow
shawl-collar tuxedo jacket
, which is offered exclusively in the store and online.
In addition to kitting out Sullivan in J.Crew formal attire (he wore it rather
well, as you can see above), we also talked photography, music and Miami.
“I was just down at Art Basel and I stayed at the newly opened Freehand
, from the owners of the NoMad in New York. It’s a different Miami
over there—none of the craziness of South Beach, just some Rolling Stones
playing by the pool.”
Sullivan immediately gravitated to the one-button, shawl-collar Ludlow over
the more traditional two-button peak lapel, and we paired it with some
vintage silver- knot cuff links available in the shop, a linen pocket square
and a pair of beautiful Crockett & Jones® black cap toes. And while Sean’s own
style usually lands in the realm of rugged and smart casual—beat-up boots,
denim jackets, wool overcoats and the like—he does occasionally don black
tie. “I got invited to Tony Bennett’s birthday last year—don’t ask me how,”
Sullivan says with a laugh, “but yes, the tux got dusted off for that.”
So what questions about formalwear do you ask the guy who spends
his spare time digging through the Getty archives in LA for the most iconic
photos of the past century? Simple: You ask him who’s done it best. “That
photo of Newman at Cannes on the boat… He’s got some scruff going and
the pack of Marlboros hanging out of his jacket… I mean, as far as tux
photos go, that’s gotta be the best I’ve ever seen.”
Visit our online Ludlow Shop here.
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