Meet the Winners… Tabitha Simmons

to celebrate our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership with runner-up Tabitha
Simmons, we thought we’d find out a little bit more about how this Brit abroad
juggles a hectic schedule as a fashion stylist, a sought-after shoe designer
and a mother of two adorable little boys.
Places in New York that remind you of London…
Tea & Sympathy in Greenwich Village and walks through Gramercy Park.

First expensive pair of shoes you purchased…
A pair of black patent Manolo Blahniks. I saved up for them.

As a stylist and a shoe designer, how do you juggle both?
I try to be very, very organized and schedule as much as I can far in advance. 

Shoes aside, what’s your necessary vice?
Eating loads of potatoes.

Check back regularly for more on our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership,
and explore the CFDA winners’ first visit to the J.Crew offices here.
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