Meet the Winners… Jennifer Meyer

in honor of our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership with jewelry
designer Jennifer Meyer, we asked the SoCal native to share with us all the
many reasons she loves life on the West Coast.
I was born and raised in Malibu and live in Los Angeles.

What makes LA feel like home?
My family, my babies, my friends are here. I truly love Los Angeles.

My CFDA experience in 5 words or less…
Challenging, life-changing, inspiring, incredible.

If I weren’t designing jewelry I’d be…
I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Most treasured piece in my jewelry box…
That’s like picking a favorite when you have two kids! Between the pieces
from my grandmother, the jewelry from my dad and my husband, the
pieces I’ve made for Ruby (my daughter) and the charm necklaces she’s
made for me—I love them all. Each one has a special story.

Check back regularly for more on our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund
partnership and explore the CFDA winners’ first visit
to the J.Crew offices here.
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