A Closer Look: Our Favorite D.I.Y. Denim Moments

our women’s stylists gave some of our classic denim (included a few styles
borrowed from the boys) a little makeover. the results were utterly enviable, so
much so, that they ended up as part of our “Dear Denim” story. here’s a look at
how they made them happen. (an added bonus: we’ve included an old
standby—a D.I.Y. heart patch we first created last year.)
Give your tried-and-true denim shirt a quick and easy refresh by simply using a
seam ripper to remove the chest pockets. We used our western denim shirt (shown
above), but this works just as well with an old favorite picked up from a thrift store.
Even though we pulled this D.I.Y. from our archives (it first appeared in our 
Style Guide last August), it still feels totally fresh. (Not to mention we love the 
idea of layering your denim shirts in winter.) Get the step-by-step details on 
how to make it yourself here.
For more styling and D.I.Y denim tricks of the trade, explore our story.
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