A Moment with… Apolis

since 2004, Shea and Raan Parton have been designing globally conscious,
stylish goods under the moniker Apolis. in addition to collaborating with them on
a pair of chambray swim trunks, we recently tracked down the always-on-the-go
bros for coffee in Southern California.
You recently opened a new retail and common space in LA’s Arts District.
Tell us about that.
“Creating a venue that brings people together—through gallery exhibits, dinners, film
releases, new Apolis collection debuts and keynote speakers—has become a really
important part of our brand. We see retail being much more similar to the hospitality
industry and want to serve as a community center.”
Tell us a bit about the collaboration on the chambray board shorts
that just hit our stores.

“After a couple of years of building a friendship with Frank Muytjens [J.Crew head of
men’s design] and Jamie Sabuda [J.Crew head of men’s branded partnerships], we
introduced them to a local manufacturing partner who has been the only domestic
factory making board shorts for California lifeguards over the past 30 years.”

Why chambray?
“We’re obsessed with the way indigo chambray ages and improves over time. This
5½-ounce Spanish chambray is super durable thanks to three-needle stitching.
This exact silhouette was previously created for California watermen in the 1960s.”

We’ve got 24 hours in Southern California. What to do…?
— 7:00 AM —
“Wake up in Venice, California. Stay at the Venice Beach House. Deus motorcycle
shop will be open; swing by and grab an espresso, courtesy of our friends at Handsome
Coffee Roasters. (We dare you to ask their barista for sugar).

— 8:30 AM —
“Then head north to Malibu for some surfing. Depending on the direction of swell
and tide, there are a lot of options, from point breaks to beach breaks. If there are no waves,
Musch Trail in Topanga State Park is great for a quick hike.

— 11:00 AM —
“Head back south to Santa Monica to FarmShop in the Brentwood Country Mart for their
weekend brunch (they serve it till 2pm). We’re partial to the homemade pastrami and
eggs. Then grab a magazine at Unionmade, and you won’t be let down by ice cream
from Sweet Rose Creamery.

— 2:00 PM —
“Afterward, head east to midtown Los Angeles. Depending on what’s currently on
exhibit, you’ve got to visit one of LA’s world-renowned destinations for art
and architecture, either the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the Getty.

— 4:00 PM —
“Then, continue farther east toward the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles, where
Apolis: Common Gallery is located. Make a quick stop at 3000 East Olympic Boulevard
to our favorite shrimp taco truck, Mariscos 4 Vientos, for a quick snack. (One to two
shrimp tacos will hold you over until dinner.)

— 5:00 PM —
“Nearby grab a card for your loved one from our neighbors at Poketo and be sure
to enjoy some Belgian fries, rattlesnake-and-rabbit sausage and craft beer from our
neighbor restaurant, Wurstküche.

— 7:00 PM —
If you’re up for dessert, head across the street to Pie Hole and, please, get a slice of
their homemade chocolate crostata with a scoop of their vanilla bean ice cream.
If you’re too full for dessert and just need some caffeine to get you back to Venice,
just two blocks away is the flagship espresso bar and roasting location of
Handsome Coffee.”

Photography by Bryan Derballa

Get ready for the beach and shop our Apolis swim trunks here.
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