Discover(ed): The Absinthe Necklace by Lulu Frost

for her spring/summer 2013 collection “Let’s Bring Back,” our friend and jewelry
designer Lisa Salzer looked to strong female muses like Marchesa Casati, Nancy
Cunard and Elsa Schiaparelli to create vintage-inspired pieces like this extra-special Absinthe necklace. (only 18 pieces are available.)
we sat down and asked her for the backstory on the line’s inception…
Each piece of jewelry in the collection represents one of three
muses from the book Let’s Bring
Back. What was so impactful about them?
Marchesa Casati (who inspired the absinthe necklace here), Nancy Cunard and Elsa
Schiaparelli each embodied fierce individualism and self-expression in their own
unique way during the early 20th century—and I think that’s captured in every
respective style in the collection.
The pieces are so intricate and exquisite. What was the design process like?
 It’s always quite lengthy. For instance, for the absinthe necklace I carefully chose
specific gradations of color—from deep emerald to warm olive—for each of the
glass stones. I wanted the necklace to have many hues of green to allude to the depth
of Marchesa’s personality.
What did you suggest “bringing back” in the section you authored in the book?
Non-diamond engagement rings! Opals and sapphires and turquoise can
also be a girl’s best friend.

To shop the Let’s Bring Back by Lulu Frost collection at J.Crew, click here.
For a closer look at Lisa’s studio—filled with trinkets and treasures—click here.
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