A Moment with…Nick Brown of Soludos®

we checked in with one of the biggest heat-seeking ambassadors we know, 
Nick Brown of Soludos, as he gets ready to head west for Coachella.
we caught up with him to see what he’s packing in his bag (chambray shirts and
white denim), how he’s keeping his footwear game in check (denim stripe
espadrilles) and what’s on his playlist for the weekend…
How did the idea for Soludos come about? 
I grew up wearing espadrilles as a kid, spending summers along the Spanish coast.
The simple rope-soled traditional espadrille was hard to find when I moved to New
York. I knew it would be perfect for the city lifestyle, so I looked to bring a bit of
the Mediterranean to New York while adding interesting prints to a classic shape. 
Now that you’ve settled in New York, what’s one of your favorite spots?
Tacombi at Fonda Nolita in Soho is right around the corner from me and it is like
walking into a summer wonderland escape even on the most frigid winter days. You
can get fresh agua de piña and fish tacos served out of a vintage VW with lights
strung from the ceiling…It feels like an authentic pop-up beach barbecue from a
town on the Mexican coast.
You’re headed out to Coachella next week, how long have you been going?
This will be my fourth year, but each year has a different lineup and vibe, so it
continues to surprise everyone, including me. It’s become a nice annual ritual to
welcome the warm weather and the start of spring.

What act are you most looking forward to seeing? 
Phoenix on the main stage will have the crowd dancing in the desert to their new
album. (Last time they played Madison Square Garden, Daft Punk
made a cameo, so anything is possible.) 

“Elephant” by Tame Impala

“Sun” by Two Door Cinema Club

“Entertainment” by Phoenix

“Keep You” by Wild Belle

“Girls and Boys” by Blur

“Genesis” by Grimes

“All of Me” by Tanlines 

Shop our selection of Soludos here and shop all of Nick Brown’s
Coachella essentials here.

Photographs by Bryan Derballa
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