Origin of the Species: J.Crew Collection Mercado Popover

a look at the inspiration behind our most special and unique designs…(we like to
think of it as natural style selection.)
The Inspiration
Our women’s stylist, Gayle, spotted this intricate handwoven jacket (it’s
traditionally worn as part of laborers’ uniforms) at the famous Casa de Artes
market in La Antigua, Guatemala, while shooting our June ’10 Style Guide.
“The colors and the sense of detail blew me away,” says Gayle. “It’s so
unstudied but so beautiful.”
The (New) Interpretation
When our design team spotted Gayle wearing her find around the office, they quite
literally demanded the shirt off her back. Using the boxy popover silhouette and
wide-brim collar as inspiration, they created a luxurious new spin on the style in
sumptuous silk shot through with neon-pink thread. As Gayle puts it: “It’s a little
less marketplace, a little more Madison Avenue.”

To shop this J.Crew Collection popover, click here.
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