A Moment with…Nellystella®

once we discovered Nellystella, a line of charming children’s wear (imagine the
kind of fanciful creations little girls might design for themselves), we just couldn’t
keep it to ourselves. we caught up with Taipei-based designer Nelly Chen on
her recent visit to New York to meet the newest member of the crewcuts family…
Designer Nelly Chen is wearing our flower lattice necklace and was photographed
by Shawn Brackbill in New York City.
How did you get started designing children’s wear?
“I studied design at Parsons, in Paris and New York. Paris was so inspiring: Our
weekly drawing lessons would take place at the Musée d’Orsay, the Musée Rodin
and other historical landmarks. But New York is the city to be in for fashion. After
college, I was initially interested in designing bridal and women’s wear, but while I
was freelancing in the kids’ division I realized how much I enjoyed it. Things kind
of just happened from there…”

Tell us a bit about the line.
“Quality, comfort and charm are the essence of our brand. For summer, our look is
fun and fresh, with bright colors and embellishments. You’ll see details like
dragonfly and daisy prints, and neon-pink-thread pom-poms.”

So where does the “stella” in “Nellystella” come from?
“ ‘Stella’ is the Latin and Italian word for ‘star,’ and I think of Nellystella as
catching the sparkling eyes of little girls. I do think about the parents too when I
design, but my clothes are really all about the girls and what they want to wear. The
Nellystella girl has her own unique sense of style.”

Now that you live in Taipei, what tops your list of the places you must visit when
you’re back in New York?

PS1: “I really like the space and vibe of this museum, especially in the summertime.
They have a great magazine section—and M. Wells Dinette is on my list of places to
eat on my next trip to New York.”

Tinsel Trading: “This store is a must-go for me. I’m obsessed with the vintage
metal ribbon and vintage flower collections. I go out of control here!

The Highline: “The Chelsea/Meatpacking area is one of my favorites in New York.
I love how this park has become a playground for artists. And I always pop by
Chelsea Market when I’m in the neighborhood…”

Hampton Chutney Co.: “I order grilled portobello mushroom dosa and orange
ginger iced tea.”

In addition to your travels, where do you find inspiration for your line?
“Movies are always inspiring. One of my recent favorites was Anna Karenina—
the costumes and cinematography were so beautiful. My other new obsession is
Pinterest [follow her at Nellystella]. I’m a very visual person, so it
helps me to organize!”

Shop our selection of Nellystella styles here.
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