Bottled Genius

a few spritzes of Lavett&Chin® Original sea/salt texturizing mist, and
suddenly these ladies in our office have Greek goddess-y, beachy waves—without
a shoreline in sight.



The Backstory
Hairdresser-turned-stylist Brent Lavett is one half of Lavett&Chin (the other half is his
partner, Nan Chin), and he knows great hair when he sees it. He grew up in Southern
California and began surfing at a young age, so that just-out-of-the-waves hair is
something that has a permanent place in his mind. “I’ve always loved the texture you get
from being in the ocean, so I wanted to bottle that and create something that’s actually
beneficial to the hair and scalp.” Brent produced the first batch of sea-salt texturizing
mist back in 1999 and has reintroduced it just for us, using specially sourced ingredients
like rose flower water, Maris sea salt and algae extract. (It should also be said that Brent
is something of a J.Crew veteran, having worked on our Style Guide shoots for the past
14 years.) And if these gorgeous J.Crew ladies’ goddess-y locks above are any
indication, it’s clear that his motto—“If something is important, do it perfectly”—applies
to this wonder texturizing spray as well.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

To shop Lavett&Chin Original sea/salt texturizing mist, click here.
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