Lunch Break: Friends of the High Line (Part 2)

in honor of our latest partnership, with Friends of the High Line, we’ve created several designs for women, men and children—and 100 percent of the net proceeds will support the High Line. this time, you could say we took a long lunch break: we headed across town to the High Line and asked a few other friends in the neighborhood to come by…
Isabel wears a J.Crew for High Line butterfly weed tee, Collection pencil skirt in metallic marigold print (available in October), crystal shimmer earrings, octagon bracelet, crystal compilation bracelet and strappy mirror metallic pumps.
Kaspar wears a J.Crew for High Line vintage train tee, J.Crew Garrison fatigue jacket and a J.Crew jean.
Alicia wears a J.Crew for High Line butterfly weed tee, vintage J.Crew pleated skirt and Allie gladiator sandals. She layers a J.Crew octagon necklace with a crystal baguette necklace.

Photography by Shawn Brackbill.

Styling by Very Personal Stylist Anne Riley. Hair and make-up by Stefanie Syat.

The entire collection (part of our larger, ongoing charitable umbrella efforts, dubbed Garments for Good), which includes tees, sweatshirts and accessories, will be available at the High Line Store (located at West 16th Street), at J.Crew stores throughout New York City and online here.
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