A Moment with…Our London Store Director Marco
Marco was in town for the month of August before returning to London in preparation of our first international store opening this fall. so we met up with him, fittingly, at a British-style gastropub in the heart of New York City to talk shop and (Ludlow) suiting…
Marco wears the Ludlow suit jacket with double vent in Italian wool, Ludlow slim suit pant in Italian wool and Ludlow suit vest in pinstripe Italian wool.

Hometown & current home
I’m from Kingsbridge, Devon (in southwest England), and live in East London.

Store director, Regent Street flagship, London

You know you’re a Londoner when…
You start ending sentences with “do you know what I mean?”

Tell us about what’s in your closet.
My wardrobe is all about easy and effortless comfort. I love being able to wake up and dress for my mood or the day. On the weekends, I’ve been wearing the urban slim chino with a chambray shirt. It’s simple, easy and comfortable.

Most stylish Londoner you know?
My brother-in-law. Followed by Winston Churchill. (He’s a close second.)

Places in London you missing when you’re away from home…
1. The Natural History Museum. I just love it. You have to see it if you are in London. The building alone is like a work of art.
2. The [members only] Shoreditch House for great food, great cocktails, a great view and a warm pool.
3. The Albion. I love the atmosphere, and they’re really friendly.
4. Primrose Hill. It’s the only park on a hill that has amazing views right across London.

In a British pub, what’s your drink order?
A nice cold beer!

Photography by Justin Chung.

Special thanks to the Breslin Bar & Dining Room.

To shop Marco’s Ludlow suit, click here.
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