Escape Artists
in the spirit of our men’s and women’s collections (inspired by American national parks, Big Sur and Venice, Italy), we asked a few friends in the crowd of our spring/summer 2014 presentation where they’d like to escape to now…
[In unison] “Round Hill, Jamaica.”
Byron and Dexter Pert, designers, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie™
Sophia Webster, shoe designer and new J.Crew collaborator
“My favorite place to escape to is my head, but I want to be well dressed while I’m there.”
Nick Wooster, consultant
“San Francisco.”
Spencer Lyons, field advocacy director, American Cancer Society (and sometimes J.Crew model)
“Food is the best escape for me.”
Joseph Altuzarra, fashion designer
“The Maldives. I mean, who doesn’t want to go there?”
Yasmin Sewell, fashion consultant
“I live in Milan, so Sicily is the most exotic place nearby.” J.J. Martin, writer
“Anywhere there’s a beach and no Wi-Fi.”
Eugene Tong, style director, Details
“Extra Fancy in Williamsburg. It’s a surf shack that has lobster rolls and it’s right down the block from my apartment.”
Kurt Soller, fashion features editor, The Cut

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