Elliott Erwitt

A retrospective showcasing the career
of the photographer and filmmaker
To me, photography is an art of
observation… It’s about finding something
interesting in an ordinary place.
–Elliott Erwitt
Elliott Erwitt Personal Best is now showing through August 28, 2011 at the ICP.
This major retrospective showcases the career of photographer and filmmaker Elliott Erwitt, the recipient of this year’s ICP Infinity Award for Lifetime Achievement. Distinguished as both a documentary and commercial photographer, Erwitt has taken some of the most memorable photos
of the 20th century, including portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Kennedy and Che Guevara,
as well as astonishing scenes of everyday life, filled with poetry, wit and a special sense of humor.

(post by Kristina Boiano, photographs by Elliott Erwitt via lightbox.time.com, icp.org)
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