In the Kitchen with…Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis

after seeing this entrepreneur-DJ couple around town (she’s also the cofounder of beauty app Beautified; he’s a producer and sometimes J.Crew model), we thought it would be fun to see how they prep (and cook) for a festive night in at their Soho apartment.
What are you cooking tonight?
Hannah: A curry squash soup. It’s a family recipe from a close friend. It’s full of flavors and ingredients that all work well for the season. Soups from scratch weren’t part of our repertoire until we got a Vitamix, but now they’ve become a staple. We like to be dairy-free, and coconut milk is a great substitute. We added roasted cashews to finish off the soup. We’re also making a special cocktail.
Do you guys listen to music while you cook?
Hannah: To be honest, we’ve been playing jazz music through Songza. Last night we searched “Billie Holiday” and cooked a zucchini pasta with a marinara turkey sauce from scratch.

Ultimate comfort food?
Brendan: SmartPop popcorn with truffle oil, sea salt and chili flakes (plus an episode of Homeland).

Do you both cook? And most important, who does the dishes?
Hannah: We cook together a lot. We’ve become obsessed with plating our meals to make it look like we ordered from a 5-star restaurant. I get a little crazy in the kitchen, so I am not very good at cleaning up as I go.

Brendan: I handle the dishes. I like sitting around after a meal and actually digesting my food. It’s harder to do that if you have a sink full of dishes.

When you go to someone’s house for dinner, what’s your go-to host gift?
Hannah: We’re pretty classic: Who doesn’t like a good bottle of wine?!

What are some of your favorite restaurants to go to in the city when you’re not cooking?
Brendan: Jack’s Wife Freda, Toro, Chez Sardine, Uncle Boons, Piora and the East Pole are our regular spots. Our newest obsession is Rintintin in Nolita.

Brendan wears a Ludlow tuxedo in Italian wool flannel, Thomas Mason® for J.Crew Ludlow spread-collar shirt, Italian satin point bow tie in black and Alfred Sargent™ for J.Crew Balmoral cap toe oxfords.

Hannah wears a Collection cashmere shoulder-button sweater, Collection café capri in iced lilac paisley and Manolo Blahnik pumps.

For the curry squash soup recipe Hannah used, click here.

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Makeup by Ashunta and hair and grooming by Laura Polko, both at Margaret Maldonado.

To download the Beautified app, click here.
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