a quick Google image search reveals that Nick Wooster is one of those guys who can pull off just about anything. unsurprisingly, he’s the first guy who came to mind when our design team showed us this tartan short suit. here, Nick shows us how it’s done.
Nick, photographed in the West Village, wears a Wallace & Barnes worker suit jacket and short in tartan cotton-linen, his own Thomas Mason® for J.Crew Ludlow shirt, a J.Crew tie, Alden for J.Crew shoes and a Comme des Garçons® Homme Plus belt.

You’ve been known to rock a short suit on more than one occasion. In the spirit of nostalgia, do you remember your first?
The first time I wore a short suit was right after a Thom Browne spring/summer show in July 2010. All I can say is, it was actually a J.Crew Ludlow suit (seriously). And it got me in trouble for a dress-code violation.

We’re feeling your neon belt you’re wearing with your short suit today…
It’s a few years old. I don’t remember when I bought it but it’s Comme des Garçons. I also have a hot-pink one.
Growing up, what influenced your style?
Everything and everyone. In a weird Mad Men sort of way, my first memory is of the office of my grandfather’s stock brokerage firm in Wichita, Kansas. This was 1965 and I was five years old. All I knew was that I wanted to wear a suit for work. I think this has informed all my opinions about what constitutes being well dressed.

You seem like a big sartorial risk taker. Any general guidelines for guys attempting big style leaps of faith at home?
First of all, I always say no one should like this (I am pointing at myself). First and foremost, any sartorial risk or experiment should feel right. You have to go with your gut. But if something feels oddly exciting and different, why not go for it? Start small—it might be pairing white canvas sneakers with a navy suit. (Please make sure the fit is impeccable.) Or it might mean ditching the tie and buttoning up the top button of your shirt (aka an air tie). Or maybe a grosgrain belt. Or shorts with a jacket. Summer is the perfect time to expand your sartorial horizons. Always be sure to use your significant other as a sounding board.
Photography by Justin Chung.

To shop the Wallace & Barnes worker suit in in tartan cotton-linen, click here.
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