Great Escapes: Creatures of the Wind

the design duo tells us their favorite destinations
around the world for inspiration, exploration
and some good old-fashioned relaxation…
We’ve been in Chicago for quite a while—it’s definitely the city that we would call home. It’s an amazing place for artists, designers and musicians; there is space to work and a very understated, honest approach to creative pursuits. Most of our friends here are musicians and visual artists who live near us in Logan Square. Our favorite restaurant in the world, Lula Café, is in the center of the neighborhood, and we all spend a lot of time together there.
Antwerp is a small city, but it is densely packed with fashion, art, food, architecture, design and music. There’s something special about the way they treat old spaces and buildings; they have serious reverence for the old but also bring a totally modern new perspective. It’s such a perfect mix of old and new, history and pop at the same time.
We love that Nantucket has its own unique culture and that the history of the island is really revered by its residents. We spend all of our time outside, mostly swimming and taking long bike trips to the island’s beaches. Evenings are spent drinking gin and tonics and playing dominos or hanging out at Cisco Brewers. Our bedroom is 50 feet away from the beach, so we fall asleep to the sound of waves.


Color Us Happy: Creatures of the Wind

design duo Creatures of the Wind’s inspiration sketch for
their unique psychedelic-meets-classic collection for us.
(are you inspired to wear the rainbow?)

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