Beauty Notes: Date Night

Our fashion director, Gayle, gives us her styling secrets for a romantic night out—no mistletoe required.
Model wears the Aran Crafts™ cabled turtleneck sweater (similar here).
Model wears our marled colorblock-shoulder sweater and Collection beaded feather dress.
Model wears our Collection sequin-sleeve shirt in gingham.
Model wears our cashmere hat.
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Hair How-to: Gayle’s Topknot

“my go-to ’do in a pinch (or if you’re a day dirty). here’s
how to get the look.” —our fashion director and stylist, Gayle
Step 1 “Flip your head over and gather hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Secure with a hair bungee—I love these because they create just the right amount of tension, especially for thicker hair (you can find them at Ricky’s).”

Step 2 “Wrap hair around the elastic, securing with bobby pins as needed.”

Step 3 “Loosen strands around your hairline to create a bit of a messy softness. And that’s all.”

Gayle On: Summer Whites

there’s no better time than summer to play
with head-to-toe white—just follow these easy tips
from Gayle, our head women’s stylist

Au Naturel: Gayle’s Summer Beauty Essentials

our fashion director and superstylist, Gayle, loves spending
her summer weekends on the beach. here are the four easy-breezy
products that top her beauty regimen by the sea.
1. Kiehl’s tinted lip balm
“This balm leaves the slightest hint of a crushed berry color on my lips, so it feels
natural enough to wear to the beach. Plus, it has SPF, so it protects them too.”

2. Mustela sunscreen
“It’s the best sunscreen…The brand started in France, but now you can find it
at almost any American drugstore. All of Mustela’s products are actually
made for babies, so they’re really light and fragrance free.”

3. Rodin by Recine hair oil
“The models I work with tipped me off to this—it’s a blend of essential oils that
restores moisture to hair. I apply it at the beginning and end of every summer.”

4. An eyelash curler
“I love getting my lashes tinted during the summer so I don’t have to wear
mascara when I’m at the ocean. I just give them a quick curl instead.”

Illustrations by Catherine Orchard

Gayle on: Denim

take it from Gayle—denim never goes out of style.
here, she gives some fresh ideas for how to wear the closet staple.

The Perfect Outfit—In Three Easy Pieces

we’re playing favorites with this look
(concocted by our superstylist, Gayle, of course)

D.I.Y. Beauty (and the Beach)

upgrade your warm-weather getaways the easy way with three D.I.Y. beauty tips,
courtesy of our fashion director and superstylist, Gayle
Freshly cut aloe is the purest cure-all for sunburned skin. It grows in abundance,
so it’s surprisingly easy to find.
I picked this tip up from one of our models:
To get glowing summer skin, mix brown sugar and olive oil for a soothing,
nice-smelling exfoliant. You can use it on your lips too.
Squeezing a lemon wedge on your hair brings out natural highlights when you’re in the sun.
Use some on your hands and feet too—it makes nails whiter and stronger.
(illustrations by Catherine Orchard)

Learn Your Lines

we admittedly love stripes, so when our superstylist, Gayle,
showed us how to wear more than one striped style at a time,
we were nothing short of delighted (it’s what we call striping it rich)

Take the sailor out of your stripes with some sparkle. Juxtapose a simple, slouchy V-neck
with a sequined skirt for an easy update to the Saturday jeans-and-a-tee uniform. The color
palette of the skirt feels so fresh—cotton candy pink, jade green and bronze—and brings a
little after hours into the daytime.

To instantly add a few inches to your height, pair vertical stripes in the same color. Then, tie
the look together with a thin-stripe bow tie—because a little menswear inspiration goes
a long way (and it’s just fun).

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Gayle’s Beauty Tips

our superstylist, Gayle, has us covered when it comes to
what to wear with what, but she also has a bevy of beauty
tips tucked up her sleeve. we asked her to give us the insider’s
scoop on these fresh faces from our May style guide…
Eye spy: “Defined eyes don’t call for tons of makeup. Just darken your brows for a bit of contrast, then curl your lashes sans mascara. My biggest secret? Apply an ultrathin line of eyeliner in a burnished brown right where your eyelashes meet the skin—and that’s really it.”
Mane attraction: “Let your hair have a moment. For this sexy, tousled vibe, spritz thickening spray on damp hair to add texture and volume. When it’s dry, finger-comb a touch of molding paste through the ends (I’m a big fan of Kiehl’s Malleable Molding Paste for that full-blown, been-at-the-beach-all-day look). Don’t try to be too perfect—it’s best to just let your hair take a shape of its own. And make sure your part isn’t perfect either.”
Lip service: “Here, we kept everything clean and natural except for her lips—a bright lip actually brightens your entire face, so even if it’s the only makeup you wear, you look effortlessly done. I
love M.A.C.’s Lady Danger lipstick—it’s a fiery red-orange color that works with anything you wear (honestly!).”

Let’s Hear It for the (Tom)boys

our superstylist, Gayle, shows us the tricks of the
tomboy trade—since she grew up with three brothers,
she knows a thing or two about borrowing from the
boys (while still looking totally chic, of course)
A strong feminine foundation, like a pencil skirt and killer heels, begs for some menswear touches—
a denim utility shirt or even a tie. It’s a sensible mix of sharp and sexy, especially when you top everything off with a sleek ponytail and an orangey lip.

Pulling off an understated slouchy look is also all about contrast. A loosely buttoned shirt
(with thesleeves rolled up, of course) juxtaposes with the pressed, tailored trousers. Just-so
tousled hair under a cap gives off some refined sportiness—and everything’s really anchored
by the crisp combo of black and khaki.

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