A Look Back

we dug through our archives to bring you some
of our favorite photos from over the years
(feel free to be inspired, humored or a little bit of both…)

Au Naturel: Gayle’s Summer Beauty Essentials

our fashion director and superstylist, Gayle, loves spending
her summer weekends on the beach. here are the four easy-breezy
products that top her beauty regimen by the sea.
1. Kiehl’s tinted lip balm
“This balm leaves the slightest hint of a crushed berry color on my lips, so it feels
natural enough to wear to the beach. Plus, it has SPF, so it protects them too.”

2. Mustela sunscreen
“It’s the best sunscreen…The brand started in France, but now you can find it
at almost any American drugstore. All of Mustela’s products are actually
made for babies, so they’re really light and fragrance free.”

3. Rodin by Recine hair oil
“The models I work with tipped me off to this—it’s a blend of essential oils that
restores moisture to hair. I apply it at the beginning and end of every summer.”

4. An eyelash curler
“I love getting my lashes tinted during the summer so I don’t have to wear
mascara when I’m at the ocean. I just give them a quick curl instead.”

Illustrations by Catherine Orchard

Bright Ideas: Southwest Style Inspiration

inspired by the classic colors and Americana undertones
in Pamela Love’s J.Crew capsule collection, we created
a mood board full of images that remind us of home

A Look Back

we dug through our archives to bring you
some of our favorite photos from over the years
(feel free to be inspired, humored or a little bit of both…)

Eye Spy: Selima Sun® for J.Crew

we partnered with the New York–based brand famous for its luxury eyewear
to create a line of seriously swoon-worthy specs. opt for the French-girl cat eye—
or channel your inner ’60s sweetheart with a pair of retro rounds—and turn
heads from the beach to the city streets.
Shop our entire Selima collection for women, boys & girls >

We Heart: Comme des Garçons®

our favorite print campaigns from the legendary Japanese brand
(as if we needed another reason to love the label that taught us to
wear our heart on our, well, chest…)

Bright Ideas

the vibrant hues in this month’s Style Guide (shot in the island
paradise of Bali) inspired us to create a picturesque mood board
of our very own—proof positive that we’ve gone crazy for color

Like Mother, Like Son: A CFDA Mother’s Day

in honor of Mother’s Day, we took a closer look at Karen Altuzarra,
Joseph’s loving mom and the CEO of his company…
Joseph getting some motherly advice at his studio; Karen as a teenager reading Lolita.


Mom’s the Word

in honor of Mother’s Day, we’re taking a look back at a few of
our own loving (and surprisingly stylish) mothers…
From the top:
“This picture of my parents was taken in Rumont, France, in 1977 when my mom was pregnant with my older sister (she always says that she never felt happier or more beautiful than when she was pregnant with me and my sister).” —Julie, web creative connoisseur

“This picture is from a vacation in Big Sur, California—I love it not only for the poncho but also because it’s a rare photo of my mom with curly hair.” —Catherine, web design darling

“My mum reading to me, my sister and our neighbor (all with our fingers stuck thoughtfully in our mouths, of course).” —Coco, copy maestro

“My mom on vacation at Round Hill in Jamaica, 1970-something. Love the bright headscarf.” —Halsey, writing wizard

“This photo was taken in 1979, about four years after my parents were married. My mom had just attended my dad’s graduation from Rutgers’ banking school, and they were catching a train into NYC to celebrate.” —Elinor, copy savant

“I’m around 1 in this photo; my mom told me that I’m digging into the frosting at my cousin’s birthday party because my grandmother wouldn’t let me have any frosting at my own birthday party that year!” —Matt, catalog connoisseur

“This was taken in Thailand when my mom and I were traveling around Asia. I like that we’re both wearing matching tourist tees and athletic socks—so ’90s!” —Jenny, web design whiz

“My mom in the sixth grade—I think she looks so cute, especially with the little bow and jumper she has on.” —Melissa, email organizer extraordinaire

“I’m pretty sure this was taken on my parents’ honeymoon—I love the idea of my mom putting on makeup for my dad! I only wish she had saved that dress.” —Alison, web design wonder

Behind the Scenes: Quartz Report

our stores are filled with sparkling surprises—just ask our visual guru,
Glenn, who sources quartz crystals for the jewelry displays. we sat down with the
interiors expert to learn more about these gorgeous gems.
“Most of the quartz we use comes from Brazil—I think this part of the world produces the nicest specimens.* They form over thousands and thousands of years and come in a variety of colors like pink, purple and yellow. The color of the crystal depends on the environments to which it is exposed.”

*Hint: You can buy them at ABC Home!
“We wanted to use a mix of clear and smoky quartz for our jewelry cases. They provide a neutral background for our colorful pieces and allow us to really stage each item. Also, they’re totally beautiful!”

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