Up Close: Tomboy Dressing with Designer Demy Lee

new York-based designer (and recent Discovered featured subject) Demy Lee’s collection strikes the balance between elegant and slouchy cool. our stylist Gayle used some of her pieces in our latest J.Crew Collection shoot and, here, shares a few of her favorites.
Our stylist Gayle mixed in Demy Lee’s modern, minimalist designs with the other pieces from J.Crew for our latest Collection shoot. Here, the model wears the Demylee™ Aliz pant with a Collection cashmere boyfriend sweater and women’s Ludlow blazer in Italian wool flannel.
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we’ve got denim on the brain. with our new J.Crew denim in hand, we asked a few friends to pick a favorite pair to take for a spin. here, photographer Bibi Cornejo Borthwick (all 5’3” of her) gets into our vintage straight jean.

What person—dead, alive or fictional—wore denim best?
Bianca Jagger. And Jane Birkin.

Do you remember the first pair of denim that you really loved?
The OshKosh overalls I wore when I was teeny tiny.

Your father (Mark Borthwick) is a photographer and your mom (Maria Cornejo) is a fashion designer. Was there a moment when you knew you wanted to follow in their footsteps?
I went on a trip to South Africa with my dad at 16, and it really blew me away to be surrounded by such beauty. Instinctually, it felt right to document everything.

Is it true that you only shoot film?
Yes. For the aesthetic I love, I shoot film. It’s so important to me—I don’t get the same feeling when I’m shooting digital. I also love the process of shooting film—waiting for the film to develop is the best part.

Photography by Alexey Yurenev. Hair by Nathan Rosenkranz and makeup by Moani Lee.

Special thanks to the Standard East Village.

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First Look
an exclusive look at our fall/winter 2014 presentation. (there’s more to come…)
Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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Test-drive: Maternity Toothpick Jean

we headed to Clic Gallery downtown with our accessories director, Titina (she’s expecting a boy in just a couple of weeks), to talk mom-to-be style (including wardrobe challenges) and our new maternity toothpick…
Titina wears a J.Crew boyfriend fatigue jacket, Hatch Collection bateau top, J.Crew maternity toothpick jean in pitch black wash and Golden Goose sneakers.

How has your style changed since becoming pregnant?
My wardrobe options definitely shrunk. I’ve always been a high-waist-denim girl—and that was the first thing I couldn’t fit into!

What has been your go-to maternity outfit?
I much prefer easy, floaty styles, so this has been a great opportunity to embrace my inner hippie! I’ve loved wearing J.Crew jeans while pregnant because they’re so comfortable. A cool maternity line called Hatch Collection also has tops and dresses that are the perfect shape for my ever-growing bump.

Any nonmaternity clothes that ended up working really well for you during your pregnancy?
I’ve managed to keep a lot of my nonmaternity clothes throughout, like my J.Crew denim jacket, boyfriend fatigue jacket and cashmere men’s cardigans.

What about shoes? You often wore high heels pre-pregnancy, right?
I turned to flats very early on! I definitely rediscovered my love of J.Crew loafers, my pointy Prada leopard flats and Golden Goose sneakers.

How did the maternity toothpick work out for you?
It’s comfortable enough to wear all day long and transitions really well into the evening with a pair of high heels. It’s also the perfect length—hitting right at my ankle. I’m due in three weeks and I’m still wearing it.

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Hair and makeup by Joseph Carrillo.

Special thanks to Clic Gallery.

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A Moment with…Ashley Math

with fall officially in full swing, we’re bringing out an arsenal of our favorite blazers. our men’s stylist shows us how to rock a Ludlow blazer and a men’s Ludlow slim suit pant even better than the boys.
Ashley wears the women’s Ludlow blazer in glen plaid Italian wool and men’s Ludlow slim suit pant in Italian wool flannel.

Where are you from originally?
Toronto, Canada.

When did you realize you wanted to work in fashion?
My career in fashion technically began in 1983 at eight months old! I was put on the cover of a fashion magazine when my mom was working as a set stylist. I was always fascinated by personal style, how you could assemble clothing to create a mood.

What men’s items are you constantly stealing from the boys?
Suiting and boots. I can almost always be found wearing a Chelsea boot and a loose T-shirt with a suit jacket thrown on top. An oversize cashmere sweater will also do the trick.

What do you like about the Ludlow blazer?
The tailoring is impeccable. For my look, I grabbed a pair of my men’s Ludlow suit pants in the same Barberis fabric. I absolutely love wearing a man’s suit. For me, it’s like slipping into sweatpants.

Who are some of your style icons?
For tomboy style, the stylist Anastasia Barbieri. For menswear style, the designer Christophe Lemaire.

What’s your favorite thing about your job?
I am constantly learning about tailoring and design. The team of people I work with every day are so talented and focused on their craft. And I get to work with and dress lovely, interesting gentlemen.

You’re in a band too, can you tell us a bit about that?
We are called VBA and we just recorded a split cassette of rare tracks and improvisation with Kurt Vile.

Where do you look for inspiration?
I am constantly inspired by music, live performances and my friends’ art. These days, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Bushwick neighborhood where our studio space is located. I get to see what all the hip kids are wearing. (According to them, the ’90s are definitely back.)

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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Escape Artists
in the spirit of our men’s and women’s collections (inspired by American national parks, Big Sur and Venice, Italy), we asked a few friends in the crowd of our spring/summer 2014 presentation where they’d like to escape to now…
[In unison] “Round Hill, Jamaica.”
Byron and Dexter Pert, designers, WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie™
Sophia Webster, shoe designer and new J.Crew collaborator
“My favorite place to escape to is my head, but I want to be well dressed while I’m there.”
Nick Wooster, consultant
“San Francisco.”
Spencer Lyons, field advocacy director, American Cancer Society (and sometimes J.Crew model)
“Food is the best escape for me.”
Joseph Altuzarra, fashion designer
“The Maldives. I mean, who doesn’t want to go there?”
Yasmin Sewell, fashion consultant
“I live in Milan, so Sicily is the most exotic place nearby.” J.J. Martin, writer
“Anywhere there’s a beach and no Wi-Fi.”
Eugene Tong, style director, Details
“Extra Fancy in Williamsburg. It’s a surf shack that has lobster rolls and it’s right down the block from my apartment.”
Kurt Soller, fashion features editor, The Cut

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Lunch Break: Friends of the High Line (Part 1)

in honor of our latest partnership, with Friends of the High Line, we’ve created several designs for women, men and children—and 100 percent of the net proceeds will support the High Line. this time, you could say we took a long lunch break: we headed across town to the High Line, where we brought two of our colleagues who worked on the project and asked a few other friends in the neighborhood to come by…
Mario wears a J.Crew for High Line vintage train tee, Ludlow suit jacket in Italian oxford cloth, Billy Reid pant, and Quoddy® shoes.
Dara wears a J.Crew for High Line New York Central sweatshirt, Rag & Bone jean, Jennifer Meyer for J.Crew Edith jeweled cuff, J.Crew rope bracelet and Collection Etta studded-heel pumps (available in September).

Grace wears a J.Crew for High Line watercolor map tee, J.Crew denim jacket, J Brand jean and A.P.C. wedges.
Eusebia wears a J.Crew for High Line park in the sky tee, J.Crew postage stamp mini in embroidered neon and J.Crew crystal baguette necklace.

Photography by Shawn Brackbill.

Styling by Very Personal Stylist Anne Riley. Hair and make-up by Stefanie Syat.

The entire collection (part of our larger, ongoing charitable umbrella efforts, dubbed Garments for Good), which includes tees, sweatshirts and accessories, will be available at the High Line Store (located at West 16th Street), at J.Crew stores throughout New York City and online here.

© 2014 by J.Crew. All Images and materials are copyrighted by J.Crew unless otherwise noted.

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