Book Club: Our Beach Reads

when we’re not obsessing over polka dots, prints and the perfect pun,
we spend summer weekends booking it to the beach, accompanied by
a great read. here are a few books that kept us hooked:
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Fifteen, Beverly Cleary “My mom received this book as a gift from her cousin in 1976 and gave it to me when I was—you guessed it—15! It’s the sweetest story of a young girl who falls in love for the first time, and I think I’ve probably read it about a dozen times. Plus, I love that the cover looks so retro—it has really held up well!”
—Maddie, copy maestro

Then Again, Diane Keaton “Diane Keaton has always been one of my personal icons. This window into her personal life and her relationship with her mother was an absolute treat to read. I even own an autographed copy!”
—Katherine, intern extraordinaire

Freedom, Jonathan Franzen “Admittedly a book I only picked up upon Oprah’s recommendation. But I have to say, it was such a good read. Franzen has a real knack for creating wonder out of the seemingly mundane. Five stars!”
—Hanah, web wizard

How Did You Get This Number, Sloane Crosley “To be frank, I LOL’d. This book, as well as Crosley’s previous work, I Was Told There’d Be Cake, is a hysterically accurate narrative of post-college life in New York. An indispensable read for the twentysomething, or really, any age.”
—Christine, digital design maven

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