In the Kitchen with…Caroline Issa
the Montreal native turned Londoner very kindly had us over to try her favorite British dish—bangers and mash. though she assures us it’s usually her boyfriend who does the cooking at home, we think she grilled, peeled and mashed like a pro. (and that red lip while she chopped away? perfect.)
Caroline, photographed in her Marylebone loft, wears a J.Crew merino Tippi sweater in stripe monarch (similar here) and J.Crew toothpick jean.
So, tell us what you love about bangers and mash.
I love what a comfort food they are. We eat out most nights of the week, so I tend to go for a full English breakfast or bangers and mash on the weekend. I started eating them 11 years ago when I moved to London, and the habit never quite died…

While growing up, did family time happen around cooking together?
My parents are amazing cooks and the kitchen tended to be the family hub. I was always a baker, though—I’d make brownies, peanut butter brittle, s’mores and all sorts of sweet things. No wonder I still have a sweet tooth—and I’m still a terrible cook!

What do you wear when you are in the kitchen?
I must admit I don’t cook that often, so when I do, I don’t wear my fanciest clothes. I know I’ll inevitably spill or splash something on me!
What’s your go-to hostess gift?
A bottle of champagne. One can never have enough champagne in the fridge!

What’s the best hostess gift you’ve ever received?
A print. My guest was an amazing artist and sent me a print for my walls.
What’s always in your fridge?
Champagne. Or cheese.

Recent splurge in the kitchen?
A fancy-schmancy lemon zester.

Recent splurge in your closet?
Two pairs of this fall’s Prada shoes.

Favorite place to get a meal when you’re not cooking?
My local Afghan restaurant. They do the best lamb with wild rice.
Photography by Bryan Derballa.

For the bangers and mash recipe Caroline used, click here.

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Fashion Week: Colorful Characters

from electric neons to rich earth tones, it’s no secret that we’re crazy for color—and our spring 2013 collection is no exception. we asked some familiar faces in the crowd to pick their favorite hue and (here’s the tricky part) name it anything they want in the world. check out their creative answers below…
“The amazing neon pink, I’d name it something like 'Highlighter'!”

—Caroline Issa, fashion director, Tank Magazine
(and J.Crew ad campaign star)
“I absolutely love the lilac. I’d call it 'Bowles Mauve'.”

—Hamish Bowles, international editor-at-large, Vogue
“The brown and the green in the men’s collection are great.
We’d call them 'Mahogany and Lawn'.”

—Chris and Kirk Bray, founders and designers of Billykirk
“The beautiful rich blue color, and I’d name it 'Lapis Blue' since lapis is my favorite stone.”

—Pamela Love, jewelry designer
“The emerald green immediately caught my eye and, since I’m
a jewelry designer, I’d name it 'Big Bauble Green'.”

—Lisa Salzer, Lulu Frost designer

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