Gatsby Fever

we admit, for months we’d been counting down the days leading up to the release of Baz Luhrmmann’s The Great Gatsby. in honor of the movie’s debut and our soon-to-be-released CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund capsule collections, we’re taking a look back at last fall’s Fashion Fund competition—a finalist challenge sponsored by Tiffany & Co. that fittingly asked the designers for their own take on Gatsby style…
Party photography by Hannah Thomson.

All other photography by Bryan Derballa.

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Sneak Peek: Show and Tell
as we get ready to launch our capsule collections with this year’s CFDA/Vogue
Fashion Fund winner and runners-up, we’re giving you a glimpse into their own
creative spaces and what inspires them most. (psst, there’s more to come in
the weeks ahead…)
Photography by Bryan Derballa

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Meet the Winners… Jennifer Meyer

in honor of our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership with jewelry
designer Jennifer Meyer, we asked the SoCal native to share with us all the
many reasons she loves life on the West Coast.
I was born and raised in Malibu and live in Los Angeles.

What makes LA feel like home?
My family, my babies, my friends are here. I truly love Los Angeles.

My CFDA experience in 5 words or less…
Challenging, life-changing, inspiring, incredible.

If I weren’t designing jewelry I’d be…
I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Most treasured piece in my jewelry box…
That’s like picking a favorite when you have two kids! Between the pieces
from my grandmother, the jewelry from my dad and my husband, the
pieces I’ve made for Ruby (my daughter) and the charm necklaces she’s
made for me—I love them all. Each one has a special story.

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partnership and explore the CFDA winners’ first visit
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Meet the Winners… Tabitha Simmons

to celebrate our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership with runner-up Tabitha
Simmons, we thought we’d find out a little bit more about how this Brit abroad
juggles a hectic schedule as a fashion stylist, a sought-after shoe designer
and a mother of two adorable little boys.
Places in New York that remind you of London…
Tea & Sympathy in Greenwich Village and walks through Gramercy Park.

First expensive pair of shoes you purchased…
A pair of black patent Manolo Blahniks. I saved up for them.

As a stylist and a shoe designer, how do you juggle both?
I try to be very, very organized and schedule as much as I can far in advance. 

Shoes aside, what’s your necessary vice?
Eating loads of potatoes.

Check back regularly for more on our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership,
and explore the CFDA winners’ first visit to the J.Crew offices here.

Meet the Winners… The Elder Statesman’s Greg Chait

we checked in with CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund winner Greg Chait of the
knitwear line The Elder Statesman over on the West Coast to find out
how he keeps grounded in his ever-expanding universe.
Currently I live in Malibu, California, but I grew up mostly in
Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Tell us about where the name The Elder Statesman comes from?
It’s in honor of my late brother, Paul Chait. He was known among friends as the
Mayor, so the name fit perfectly. “Elder statesman” is a colloquialism that refers
to someone who holds a high rank within society but is also generally revered
by all. That was my brother and that spirit transcends through the line.

What makes right now an exciting moment to be a designer working in fashion?
There is no status quo at the moment. There’s a certain openness
to people with a very strong viewpoint.

Describe your mood lately…

Currently you’re working on…
Everything at once. It’s pretty wild what’s going on over here.

Check back regularly for more on our CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund partnership
and explore the CFDA winners’ first visit to the J.Crew offices here.

Team Effort: CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund and J.Crew

it’s that time again, and we’re sending a big congrats to the winners
of this year’s CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. To kick off our upcoming
collaboration (it’s set to debut next spring), we invited winners Greg
Chait of the Elder Statesman, Tabitha Simmons, and Jennifer Meyer
to our office for a visit. Here’s a sneak peek and
stay tuned, there’s more to come.
The CFDA winners smile for the camera moments after
receiving their awards.
Last week the winners visited the J.Crew offices
to meet with Jenna and team.  
Grand-prize winner Greg Chait, known for his supersoft knitwear 
designs, reviews swatches of our custom-colored cashmere. 
CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund runner-up footwear designer Tabitha
Simmons (left) and Jenna (right) engage in a stylish shoe square off. 
Los Angeles-based fine jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer, who first
learned how to make enamel jewelry from her grandmother
at the age of 6, matches her nail color to her cocktail ring.
Photography by Bryan Derballa and Billy Farrell Agency

Getting Ready

look who we spied putting on the finishing
touches before heading out to tonight’s event…

Photo by Bryan Derballa.

Tune in: CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund Playlist

in anticipation of tonight’s CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund awards dinner and our upcoming designer collaborations, we asked the finalists to reveal a selection of stylish
sounds currently inspiring their design process…

Andrea Lieberman, A.L.CYoung Forever, Jay-Z, Greetings, Half Pint

Greg Armas, Assembly New YorkLimit to your love, James Blake, Loris Night, Regal Degal

Sofia Sizzi, GiuliettaCalifornia Dreamin, The Mamas & The Papas, Bang Bang, Nancy Sinatra

Justin Salguero & Daniel Silberman, Illesteva — Moody’s Mood for Love, King Pleasure

Jennifer Meyer Islands in the Stream, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers, Crazy in Love, Beyonce

Max Osterweis & Erin Beatty, SUNOParadise, Wild Nothing, Her Fantasy, Matthew Dear (poolside remix)

Tabitha Simmons Ladybird, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood, My Heart Skips a Beat, Olly Murs

Greg Chait, The Elder StatesmanHigh Ride, J.J. Cale, Girl from the North Country, Bob Dylan

Wes GordonWe are Young, Fun

Great Escapes: Creatures of the Wind

the design duo tells us their favorite destinations
around the world for inspiration, exploration
and some good old-fashioned relaxation…
We’ve been in Chicago for quite a while—it’s definitely the city that we would call home. It’s an amazing place for artists, designers and musicians; there is space to work and a very understated, honest approach to creative pursuits. Most of our friends here are musicians and visual artists who live near us in Logan Square. Our favorite restaurant in the world, Lula Café, is in the center of the neighborhood, and we all spend a lot of time together there.
Antwerp is a small city, but it is densely packed with fashion, art, food, architecture, design and music. There’s something special about the way they treat old spaces and buildings; they have serious reverence for the old but also bring a totally modern new perspective. It’s such a perfect mix of old and new, history and pop at the same time.
We love that Nantucket has its own unique culture and that the history of the island is really revered by its residents. We spend all of our time outside, mostly swimming and taking long bike trips to the island’s beaches. Evenings are spent drinking gin and tonics and playing dominos or hanging out at Cisco Brewers. Our bedroom is 50 feet away from the beach, so we fall asleep to the sound of waves.


Color Us Happy: Creatures of the Wind

design duo Creatures of the Wind’s inspiration sketch for
their unique psychedelic-meets-classic collection for us.
(are you inspired to wear the rainbow?)

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