this week’s roundup of delightful discoveries
Liv, accessories designer:
“I love the color contrast of this tiny neon belt and this red dress! We’re loving superskinny belts again, and what a great way to introduce a second color into the mix!”
Inspiration found here.
Lauren R. K., graphic designer:
“I love the contrasting textures in this photo by duo Aurélien Arbet and Jérémie Egry—it makes me want to pair my MacAlister boots with a sequin top for a perfect winter outfit.”
Inspiration found here.
Willy, men’s designer:
“There’s something about this photo that has always been inspiring to me—the juxtaposition of new and old to create a perfect image, the contrast between the stark lines and angles of the house and the organic flow and curves of the statue.”
Inspiration found here.

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