Meet…crewcuts Muses Olive & Izzy

we sat down with eight-year-old Olive and her dachshund (and BFF), Izzy, over burgers at NYC’s Shake Shack to talk travel and Cronuts. (spoiler alert: These two are totally adorable.)
Olive, what brings you to New York?
We come every year! Manhattan is one of our favorite places to visit! We would so live here if we didn’t live in London.

So, what’s on the itinerary?
We’re such tourists, but…full disclosure, we really came to try the Cronut. Izzy is a vegan and eats gluten free, but she’s going to make an exception.
Where else do you love to travel, Izzy?
Hmm. I think our favorite trip recently was Paris—right, Olive? We were invited to a New Year’s Eve ball, so we went to Harrods for some fancy outfits. Olive told me I had to wear a gown, but I wouldn’t—I don’t do long dresses.

Olive? Any favorites?
We love to snorkel, so my favorite place was probably the Great Barrier Reef. Though, poor Izzy got stung by a jellyfish and couldn’t move her tail for a few weeks.
How do you girls find time to study?
We’re homeschooled, so we spend a lot of time studying on planes and trains. We’re learning Mandarin Chinese right now. Izzy is better at speaking; I’m better at writing the characters.

Anything else on your agenda for the trip?
Lots of exhibits, to keep us cultured. We’ve planned a trip to Kara Walker’s art installation at the old Domino Sugar refinery in Williamsburg. And I promised Izzy we’d stop by this new shuffleboard place afterward. She’s so competitive sometimes.

Last question, guys: We hear you’re taking a trip around the world, is that true?
It’s true! It’s a 180-day cruise, and we’re going to over 100 countries. I’m most excited to visit South Africa, and Izzy can’t wait to go to Italy. We’re both soooo excited.

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Meet …@donalddrawbertson

if your Instagram feed is anything like ours, then you’ve fallen in love with illustrator Donald Robertson’s fanciful drawings. we sat down with the artist and father of five to talk inspiration, hashtags and his latest project for crewcuts.
Courtesy of

You’re the creative director at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics (a pretty full-time job, we imagine!), but you still find time to draw constantly. Do you sleep?
The other night I was heading up to bed when I noticed a brown banana in the kitchen. I thought, That almost looks like a cat print, so I posted a “cheetah banana” drawing and woke up to more than 2,000 likes. Would you sleep?

Your designs appear on three of our girls’ tees this season. What’s the story behind them?
Well, the idea for the besties tee came to me in an elevator. The girl with the baby giraffe is supposed to be a young Stella Tennant (a British model and former face of Chanel). I found these cool tubes of fabric paint you can draw with, and then I added more color. I think my vibe is kind of “J.Crew” to begin with.
We love how bright your work is. How do you approach using color?
My entire philosophy on color is rooted in an enormous pack of superbright magic markers a classmate of mine had in school. It’s burned into my brain!

You use some pretty unconventional materials, like googly eyes and ketchup, in your work. Anything else you’ve discovered lately?
I’ve been painting on cereal boxes. I’ll take the cereal out and then paint the Chanel logo on the cardboard. I don’t know why, but I just love it.
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On Our Radar: Girls Season Two Premiere

while we’ve been counting down the days until this Sunday’s premiere of
season two of Girls (can you say obsessed?), Jenna caught a sneak peek of the
first three (!!) episodes Wednesday night at a showing hosted by HBO
and the Cinema Society here in New York City.
“Lena Dunham is the bravest woman in the world,” said Jenna after watching a
three-episode preview last night hosted by HBO and the Cinema Society at
NYU’s Skirball Center. Fans lined up around the block to catch a glimpse of the
show’s quirky, cool cast, including Dunham (who wore a Valentino jumpsuit),
Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet and Allison Williams (who wore a two-piece outfit
by Altuzarra). “I was talking with Joseph [Altuzarra] when Allison walked
by—we were so excited to see her in one of his spring ’13 designs,” says Jenna.

When the screening wrapped, the party moved farther downtown to Capitale,
where the entryway had been converted into a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge.
The Bumbys made a special appearance offering their hysterical yet accurate
style assessments of partygoers.
Season two of Girls premieres on Sunday, January 13th, at 9pm ET on HBO.

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