Studio Tour: RMS Beauty®

it’s a little-known fact that makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, the founder of RMS Beauty, offers one-on-one tutorials out of her Greenwich Village apartment. we dropped by for the scoop on her namesake organic makeup line and the trick to mastering that J.Crew-model glow.
“As a little girl, I was obsessed with the images of movie stars,” says Rose-Marie. But after years as one of the top makeup artists in the industry, she began to notice how taking a quick-fix approach to beauty can drastically damage skin. So she started her own line, using organic ingredients that nourish and soothe skin. Rose-Marie does everything from storing products in her own fridge to naming everything herself (“I just look at the color and go with a word that has that emotion”).
The best way to apply Living Luminizer? “Dab along the cheekbones, brow line and the bow of the lips,” she says. “It also looks great at the center of the lid and corners of the eyes, giving a beautiful reflective glow to the eyes.” Then, simply use Lip2Cheek to add some color—it combines nourishing oils and pure mineral pigments so it’s actually good for skin.
Photography by Bryan Derballa.

To see how we used RMS Beauty products during our fall/winter 2014 presentation at New York Fashion Week, click here. To shop our assortment of RMS Beauty, click here.

Beauty Notes: A Hot Cocoa Scrub

california-based beauty wiz Sara Happ is no stranger to whipping up a homemade recipe in her kitchen, so we asked her to tell us a bit about how she got her start—and share a winter-ready DIY scrub recipe she created just for us.
What inspired you to start your own line?
My love of all things lip, plus the fact that certain products simply didn’t exist. In 2005, lip exfoliation was a hole in the market that I got to fill with the Lip Scrub. For the Lip Slip, I set out to create the glossiest, most hydrating balm conceivable and didn’t quit until it was perfect.

Do you have any good beauty tips?
Exfoliate and hydrate, from your scalp to your toes. That’s the foundation of lasting beauty. Once your skin is prepped and nourished, you have the ideal canvas. It’s so simple but crazy effective.
Tell us about this hot cocoa foot scrub…
It’s both cozy and invigorating. The organic cocoa smells delicious and is an antioxidant. Grape-seed oil is a skin superhero in my book; it’s really gentle and hydrating. The sugar is exfoliating and the oils are both calming and rejuvenating. It’s a spa night at home that’s best served up with a cup of the real thing!
To shop The Lip Slip® by Sara Happ, click here.

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Beauty Notes: Urban Heidi

we think these messy braids from our Collection photo shoot might just be our new go-to hairstyle (dubbed the “urban Heidi” by our stylist Gayle). the best part? it takes less than five minutes to do. here’s how to get the look.
1. Brush out hair using a bristle brush, then spray with Lavett&Chin® original sea/salt texturizing mist to add texture and grip.

2. Create an off-center part with your fingers (this is a messy style so it doesn’t have to be perfect).

3. Separate the front midsection of hair and pull it back, loosely twisting the ends. Push section forward to create height and secure in place with bobby pins.

4. Separate the remaining hair into two sections and loosely braid each, leaving about an inch of hair at the ends.

5. Secure braids with elastic bands and wrap a section of the loose ends around each band, then tuck them underneath the bands.

6. Pull out a few strands from each of the braids for an undone look, then spray lightly with L’Oréal Paris Elnett satin hairspray to hold in place.
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Glenn O’Brien, in his first suit on his wedding day in June 1999.
(“The suit still fits, still looks good and has a bit of patina,” he says.)
Photograph by Hooman Majd.
I love suits. In my family, the men wore suits to work and often off duty too. Getting your first suit was sort of a casual nondenominational bar mitzvah. You were a man. But unlike the rest of my family, I have never had a job where I had to wear a suit. I’ve always worn them because I like the way they look and they’re practical.

Which is why, perhaps, I never understood the casual movement. Well, I did understand. People don’t want to do what they have to do. But I never saw the casual workplace as a liberation. I thought it was a way for the rich to hide. A guy in jeans and a turtleneck doesn’t look like a billionaire.

In creative offices, suits often mean “the suits.” The account guys. I used to get this when I’d freelance as a creative director in big ad agencies. The writers and art directors usually wore rock-and-roll T-shirts, jeans, camouflage, sneakers, hoodies, flip-flops, stuff like that. “You’re a writer? Why the suit?” I never actually said, “So I don’t look like a slob.” But the custom suit did make me feel like the rebels these creatives were desperate to be, and I had twice as many pockets. Nobody ever mistook me for a messenger.
In 1994, I got my first bespoke suit on Savile Row in London. I know because my name and the delivery date are inside the jacket pocket. These suits were luxuries and they were expensive, but not much more than a designer suit. The latter category of off-the-rack suits was something new, and the price included a substantial ad budget, unlike my English suits from firms that whispered their names. My bespoke suits fit perfectly. And it turned out they weren’t all that expensive because of amortization. They still look good more than 15 years later. And the English cut is philosophical—close to the body for warmth and dash. It’s not obsolete.

But suit styles do change. In the ’80s and into the ’90s, you couldn’t find a three-piece suit, and double-breasted was for old men. And then a few years back, just when the suit was at a low ebb, a sea change came over menswear when a bold young tailor decided that jackets and trousers were too long, pleats were unnecessary and suits should show off the body, not conceal it. The trade laughed. People in the street stared. But it was all over in a few seasons. The paradigm had shifted. Virtually every “garmento” sneaked back to the drawing board. Suddenly, fashion went Mad Men, with slim silhouettes, modest lapels and slim ties.

The last time I ordered a suit from my London guys, I told them to cut it shorter and they didn’t even wince. And then last fall, somebody suggested I try the Ludlow suits from J.Crew. They looked good, very British in cut, and I knew that the brand uses some of the best fabrics in the world. I thought that they looked perfect on my younger homies but might not fit me. Yet having nothing to lose and a suit to gain, I went to the Ludlow Shop and tried one on. I currently have about 30 suits in my closet, so I went with something different—an exquisitely soft grey nailhead from Vitale Barberis Canonico, a mill in the countryside northeast of Milan that’s been making great woolens since 1663. As I was trying on the pants in the dressing room, I noticed a Louise Nevelson print hanging on the wall. I suddenly felt I was in the right place.

I emerged a revelation. I could be the fit model for 42 regular. They had to do almost nothing to make the suit look bespoke. In fact, when I wore it to DC for a book party, several reporters mentioned in print how beautiful my Savile Row suit was. Surprise, guys! It’s off the peg. The right peg.

Meanwhile, my friend Eric Goode is not a suit but thought he should wear one when he went on Charlie Rose to talk about his unusual hobby of saving endangered turtles around the world. So I took him down to the Ludlow Shop, where he tried one on and liked it so much he bought two. After that, I told my friend Hooman Majd, a fellow author and bespoke addict who wears suits the way they should be worn, that I had found a way to ease the financial burden of looking like a billion dollars. The rest, as they
say, is history.

To explore our Ludlow Shop, click here.

The Close-up: Beauty Notes
sporting fresh faces and tousled locks, the models at our spring/summer 2014 presentation were the epitome of easy everyday beauty. sure, you may have to wait a little to get your hands on the clothes, but you can try this hair-and-makeup look right now. here’s how…
The Face: Minimal Yet Dewy
1. Prime skin by mixing half Laura Mercier Radiance Primer and half Laura Mercier Oil-Free Foundation Primer with moisturizer and applying evenly over the entire face.
2. Touch up with concealer where needed for a flawless, smooth finish.
3. Apply Stila Convertible Color to the hollow of the cheeks and slightly lower to accentuate the cheekbones.
4. Brush on rms beauty™ Living Luminizer in a C-shape, starting at the temple and working along the cheekbone for extra definition.
The Eye: Subtle Shimmer
1. Lightly apply Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Luminous Eyeshadow in #89 Vision to the crease of the eyelids.
2. Brush rms beauty™ Living Luminizer liberally on the inner corner of each eye. Continue brushing along the top and bottom lid toward the center of the eye.
3. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara to the top lashes only. Curl lashes again between applications.
4. Brush brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel for a full look.
The Lip: Pink Pastel
1. Make sure lips are well moisturized by applying lip balm (we’re partial to Eucerin Aquaphor Lip Repair).
2. Apply rms beauty™ Living Luminizer liberally along the lip’s bow at the center of the mouth.
3. Brush a light coat of Mac Lip Erase in Dim over the entire mouth.
4. Lightly blot Troi Ollivierre Lip Color in #1, starting at the center of the mouth and blending outward with the fingers.
The Hair: Easy, Textured Waves
1. Spray hair with Bumble and Bumble Thickening Hairspray and blow-dry straight.
2. Separate hair either into a center part or a deep side part.
3. Use a medium-size curling iron to curl loose waves into the hair, starting below the ears only.
4. Use fingers to soften the curls and create loose pieces, then secure with L’Oréal Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray.
5. Use a small amount of Kiehl’s Creme with Silk Groom to smooth hair from the roots to ears.
6. Loosely tuck hair behind both ears for a relaxed, tousled look.
Pinterest fans, be sure to check out our Pinterest page for a how we prepped for our show and some of our favorite looks.

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For more on our New York Fashion Week presentation, click here.

Test Drive: Summer Beauty Essentials

let’s face it: come July, the most important thing is what’s in your beach bag. we asked three ladies in our office to give three of our summer essentials a whirl over the holiday weekend…
To shop these products, click here. Then get to the beach.

Bottled Genius

a few spritzes of Lavett&Chin® Original sea/salt texturizing mist, and
suddenly these ladies in our office have Greek goddess-y, beachy waves—without
a shoreline in sight.



The Backstory
Hairdresser-turned-stylist Brent Lavett is one half of Lavett&Chin (the other half is his
partner, Nan Chin), and he knows great hair when he sees it. He grew up in Southern
California and began surfing at a young age, so that just-out-of-the-waves hair is
something that has a permanent place in his mind. “I’ve always loved the texture you get
from being in the ocean, so I wanted to bottle that and create something that’s actually
beneficial to the hair and scalp.” Brent produced the first batch of sea-salt texturizing
mist back in 1999 and has reintroduced it just for us, using specially sourced ingredients
like rose flower water, Maris sea salt and algae extract. (It should also be said that Brent
is something of a J.Crew veteran, having worked on our Style Guide shoots for the past
14 years.) And if these gorgeous J.Crew ladies’ goddess-y locks above are any
indication, it’s clear that his motto—“If something is important, do it perfectly”—applies
to this wonder texturizing spray as well.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

To shop Lavett&Chin Original sea/salt texturizing mist, click here.

The Close-up: Beauty Notes
the cherry on top of our fall 2013 presentation looks?
the models’ head-turning hair and makeup (that lip!).
here’s how to get the complete look…

The Face: Fresh and Flawless
1. Prime skin with Laura Mercier Radiance Primer mixed with moisturizer to create a
clean, flawless look.
2. Dab lots of RMS Living Luminizer along the cheekbones for added definition and a
pretty glow.
3. Brush translucent powder over the chin and under the eye as necessary to give skin
a smooth finish.

The Eye: Au Naturel
1. Prime lids with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.
2. Curl lashes (no mascara is needed for this look) and apply RMS Living
Luminizer generously at the inside corners to open the eye area.
3. Fill in brows with pencil for a full, strong look.
4. Use an eyebrow brush to sweep brows upward, then set with Tweezerman
Brow Mousse.

The Lip: Bright and Bold
1. Make sure lips are well moisturized by applying a generous dose of lip balm (we’re
partial to good ol’ Aquaphor).
2. Color the entire mouth with a Maybelline lip pencil in #50 ‘Red’.
3. Apply Hourglass Icon lipstick in ‘Icon’ liberally over the entire mouth
for killer shine.
4. Finish with a dab of RMS Living Luminizer at the bow of the lip for a perfect pout.

The Hair: A No-fuss Chignon
1. Spray small sections of hair with texturizing spray (we’re a fan of Bumble and bumble’s), then smooth slightly with a hairdryer and a round brush. 
2. Spray hair with L’Oreal Elnett Strong Hold Hairspray to create even more texture.
3. Create a two-inch part over the center of the left eyebrow.
4. Gather hair back into a ponytail at the center back of the head and secure with an elastic. 5. Twist hair as if into a chignon, leaving some ends free. Secure the messy chignon with
bobby pins.
6. To create volume, use Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum to smooth and lift a section on the
right side of the head, then secure with a pin.
7. Spray head liberally with L’Oreal Elnett hairspray and use fingers to gently lift out some flyaways from
the top for a casual, messy look.
See more action from our New York Fashion Week presentation here.

Gayle on: Traveling Tricks of the Trade

our fashion director, Gayle, travels constantly for our Style Guide shoots, so it’s no wonder
she’s perfected an impressive regimen to look (and feel) her best while she’s on the go.
here’s what tops her list of rejuvenating must-haves, for both on and off the plane.


“My handbag isn’t complete without a tin of refreshing mints. I have a mint as soon as we hit the runway (and I keep them handy at 35,000 feet in the air too).” 


“Since I usually have to hit the ground running as soon as we land, I always bring along an eye mask and earplugs on overnight flights so I can be sure to get some shut-eye.” 

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