Behind the Scenes: In Full Bloom

we love it when things come full circle: our set director Tracy began painting after being inspired by the flowers she handpicks for our weddings & parties shoots. so, it was only a matter of time before we featured her signature floral paintings in one of our own shoots—this time, as a backdrop in our latest Style Guide.
Behind the scenes photography by Bryan Derballa.

To read about our afternoon spent in Tracy’s Williamsburg studio, click here. Last spring we went flower shopping with Tracy. See more from our visit here.

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in honor of UV Safety Month we’re celebrating all things beach. enter, the free newspaper, The Usual, billed as a “love letter to Montauk” and one of our favorite beach reads. we teamed up with cofounders Yasha Wallin and Emily Anderson for their latest issue, giving these avid surfers some of our latest J.Crew swim to test-drive for their weekends out East. here’s a peek at what they’ve been up to…
Photography by Forest Woodward.

To find out where to pick up your own free copy of The Usual, click here. To learn more about UV Safety Month and our #jcrewsmartsun partnership, click here.

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Test-drive: The Abingdon Collection

we rounded up three of our camera-wielding photographer friends and asked them to hit the road with our newest Abingdon bags.

To shop the entire Abingdon collection, click here.

In the Kitchen with…The New Potato

sisters Danielle and Laura Kosann are the charming duo behind foodie site the New Potato, which regularly profiles the eating habits of everyone from fashion editors and bloggers to celebrities. we decided to turn the tables and ask them to cook for us this time around…
Laura (left) wears a J.Crew keeper chambray shirt.
Danielle (right) wears a J.Crew Collection boyfriend sweater.

Tell us a bit about the site and how it came about.
Laura: We saw a void in the market for a site that approached food in an editorial way. We thought, “How cool would it be to create a destination where on the one hand you can see what Jessica Alba is having for breakfast, and on the other explore what a restaurateur is doing in Brooklyn?”

So, what are we cooking today?
Laura: We’re big Michael White fans. Osteria Morini is our go-to when craving Italian, and he’s perfected the classic meatball—a recipe we’ve featured on our site. So we decided to cook it today because it’s a great cold-weather meal.
What are some of your earliest memories in the kitchen?
Laura: I would insist on making my “famous fruit salad” for my mom’s dinner parties. I would take any fruits in the house (whether they went together or not) —oranges, apples, peaches, pineapples, grapefruits, grapes, bananas—put them all in a big bowl, douse them with apple sauce and cinnamon. It would sort of brown throughout the day. But no matter whom my mom was having over for a dinner party, the fruit salad would be at the center of the table come dessert.
Danielle: The famous fruit salad was the best. My earliest memory was making Linzer torte with our Austrian grandmother.

When it comes to cooking, are you clean-up-as-you-go girls?
Laura: I try to clean up as I go but fail miserably at it. I rarely go by the recipe, so I’m always taking tons of different things out, to the point that, by the end of the process, the kitchen looks more like a scene from Hoarders.
Danielle: I’m lucky that I have a husband who is much better than I am at keeping things neat while we’re in the kitchen.
What do you wear when you cook?
Laura: Boyfriend jeans, barefoot, with a comfy tee or sweater.
Danielle: Anything that isn’t white!

Ultimate comfort food?
Laura: Jonathan Waxman’s roast chicken.
Danielle: Pizza and red wine.
What’s always in your fridge(s)?
Laura: Lemons, white wine, almond milk and a good cheese.
Danielle: Almond milk, almond butter, Sriracha, coconut water, blueberries, cherry tomatoes and white wine.

Favorite places to eat when you’re not cooking?
Laura: It’s always hard to narrow things down to a few places, but here are some of our go-tos for certain things: Barbuto for roast chicken, Osteria Morini for pastas, Empellon for soft tacos, ABC Kitchen for pizzas, the Spotted Pig for a burger, Jeffrey’s Grocery for brunch, Balthazar for steak frites and Blue Ribbon Sushi for sushi.

Recent splurge in the kitchen?
Laura: When I watch old movies, I always love how the wineglasses were much smaller. I came across this cool vintage wineglass set a while back. When I try to use it with friends who come over, though, they look at me like I’m crazy and ask for a “real glass.”
Danielle: A great knife set from Wüsthof. Good knives make such a big difference.
What’s your go-to hostess gift when you’re going to a dinner or cocktail party?
Laura: A great bottle of wine.
Danielle: A Diptyque candle.

What’s the last dish you cooked?
Laura: Strip steak with matchstick fries.
Danielle: Chicken curry. It’s supereasy and a perfect one-pot winter dish.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

Makeup by Moani Lee (using Hourglass Cosmetics) and Lauren Berrones (using Oribe).

For chef Michael White’s meatball recipe, click here.

the answer to how to get what they really want this year: a J.Crew wishlist. here, a closer look at the wishlists created by Jenna Lyons, her brother and sometimes J.Crew model Spencer Lyons and photographer Bibi Borthwick.

Darby plaid studded-toe loafers, Piamita™ Isabella top and Toscana shearling trapper hat (similar here).

Vans® for J.Crew washed canvas authentic sneakers, Ebbets Field Flannels® for J.Crew Los Angeles Angels ball cap (full assortment here), alpaca sweater (full assortment here) and the Printed Image™ bandana.

Ebbets Field Flannels for J.Crew Brooklyn Bushwicks twill ball cap, Han Kjøbenhavn™ timeless sunglasses and deep ivy plaid shirt.

Make your own wishlist and see more from Jenna, Spencer and Bibi:

Studio Tour: E. Tautz

on a rather Dickensian morning, we visited the design studio of E. Tautz (in addition to designing menswear it produces a small line of women’s shirts) and chatted with its handsome creative director, Patrick Grant, about the London menswear scene, buying up a Savile Row tailor, Norton & Sons, and his love of collar studs.
Hometown and current home
I grew up in Edinburgh and recently moved from Three Mills Island to Marylebone.

In addition to designing for E. Tautz, you also run the Savile Row tailor Norton & Sons. How do you split your time?
In principle, I try to divide my time evenly between the studio in Wapping and the shop on Savile Row—mornings in one and afternoons in the other. But the reality is a bit of a jumble of these two projects, plus all the other things I work on. I keep a paper diary, a pencil and an eraser on me at all times. 
Have you always been obsessed with clothes?
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fastidious about my dress. Even as a five-year-old, I always wanted to be neat and well turned out: tie tied just so, socks up, shorts neat.

What are your earliest memories of getting dressed up?
I remember it began with my dad’s clothes: beautiful, slim tailored suits made for him in the ’60s; crisp white collars and soft well-worn shirts; all the beautiful little laundry labels and tabs in the neck; embroidered initials. I loved the routine of putting on collar studs and cuff links, polished shoes and a perfectly tied tie. It felt like part of being a man.

Most treasured piece of clothing in your closet?
I have a dinner suit of my grandfather’s that was tailored in 1935. I still wear it today and it looks as beautiful as ever (though it’s about as thick as an old blanket).

Most stylish Englishman you know?
Musician Jarvis Cocker is consistently the most stylish man around.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

A small assortment of E. Tautz women’s shirts, including a button-down and a collarless popover, are available exclusively in our Brompton Cross boutique (171–175 Draycott Ave., London SW3 3AJ).

Explore our entire assortment of men’s and women’s styles here.

Sunday with…Frank, Our Men’s Designer
we drove two and a half hours north of New York City to Hillsdale, New York, where our men’s designer, Frank, has had a weekend house for the past seven years. here, he spends lazy afternoons reading in his light-filled sitting room or taking his beloved vizsla, Dutch,
for long walks.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

To explore our entire Wallace & Barnes assortment (it makes up Frank’s preferred weekend uniform), click here.

Toasting London Town
hundreds of balloons, mini-tacos, mini-burgers and a prop-filled photo booth (packed with the requisite British ephemera) made for one lively night of playing dress-up as we celebrated our Regent Street flagship opening.
Goodnight, robot.
Photography by Daniella Zalcman

If you’re in London tomorrow, November 8th, join us at 10am, when we’ll release 1,000 balloons (don’t worry, we made sure they’re biodegradable) in honor of our Regent Street grand opening.

For more on our new stores in London, click here.

London? (It’s J.Crew) Calling

It’s official. We’re set to open our first UK store (which will house men’s,
women’s, crewcuts and J.Crew Collection) on Regent Street in Mayfair late next year.
Here, a look at our most recent visit across the pond.

Photography by Bryan Derballa

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