A Moment With…a Man of the World

Alan Maleh, the editor in chief of “Man of the World” tells us how the magazine got its start and which single item in his closet he’d save in, say, a bedbugs invasion.
What was the impetus for starting “Man of the World”?
As a long time collector of fine goods, I became the go-to guy for my friends to ask anything—from how to pick a watch to where to get a briefcase to what to do on vacation. I decided to take this information that I had accumulated and share it with a wider audience.
You’re on Issue 5. What have you learned in the process?
We’ve learned that the process of building what we aspire to become will take time and must be organic.

Menswear, as demonstrated through your magazine, is having a heritage moment. Is looking backward sustainable?
It’s a balance between relevant, timeless pieces from the past coupled with understated modernism. It’s not about what’s fashionable as much as it is about a person’s sense of style.

If you had to throw everything in your closet away, say, because of bedbugs, but could keep one item, what would it be?
It would be my navy double-breasted cashmere coat from 10 years ago. At least I would stay warm.

How do you avoid letting an appreciation of men in the world become a circular self-celebration?
Man of the World is not one specific style. It illustrates how to dress with integrity in any style. The humor comes from showing guys unique ways to take classic looks and twist them ever so slightly to be understated while still getting noticed.
Photography by Ricky Chapman. To shop Issue No. 5 of Man of the World, click here.

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