Getting (Oscar) Ready

this past weekend Jenna headed to Hollywood to attend the annual Vanity
Fair Oscar Party at the Sunset Tower Hotel. so what does one wear to one of the year’s
hottest tickets? a custom dress of her own (J.Crew) design, of course.

Here, five of her favorite star-studded moments of the night…

1. “Having Amy Poehler introduce herself to me—and
say she knew who I was—and that she was a J.Crew fan. I almost died.”

2. “The gracious Anne Hathaway casually carrying her Oscar around. (I touched it!!)”

3. “Being in the same room as people I’ve watched and loved for years.”

4. “The In-and-Out burgers served at the after-party. I love a high-low mix.”

5. “Dancing until 4:30 am at Madonna’s house. Yes, Madonna. She is still just as hot as
she was when I was 16. You do the math. On second thought…don’t.”

P.S. We love the idea one of our Instagram fans had to turn Jenna’s Oscar
party design into a wedding dress. (Look for it in spring 2014.)

Photography Bryan Derballa.

© 2014 by J.Crew. All Images and materials are copyrighted by J.Crew unless otherwise noted.

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