Fashion Week: Beauty Notes

we loved the clothes at our spring 2013 presentation, but the icing on the cake had to be the models’ gorgeous hair and makeup. we asked our beauty gurus how to get the complete look (and be ready for our close-up) in no time.
The Face: Flawless and Dewy
1. Prime skin with Laura Mercier Radiance mixed with moisturizer, then dab LMR along the cheekbones for extra definition.
2. Lightly apply a cream blush to the apple of the cheeks for a subtle doll-like effect (try Stila’s Convertible Color blush in Petunia—it’s sheer perfection).

The Eye: Watercolor Wonder
1. Prime the lids with Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer, then brush white eyeshadow over the entire area (we used NYX Cosmetics’ eyeshadow in white).
2. To create the subtle watercolor effect, first blend a light layer of green shadow over the entire lid (try NYX Cosmetics’ jumbo eye pencil—it doubles as a shadow!).
3. Darken the color at the crease of the eye with an additional layer of color.
4. Heavily line the outer half of the upper and lower lash lines for even more impact.
5. Finish by curling lashes and applying two coats of mascara for extra oomph (we’re fans of Maybelline Great Lash).

The Lip: Stained Perfection
1. Moisturize lips, then prime them with MAC Prep + Prime.
2. Color in entire mouth with an orangey-red pencil (we like Make Up For Ever’s lip pencil—it stays on longer than regular lipstick and won’t smudge).
3. Apply a dab of Laura Mercier Radiance at the bow of the lip for a perfect pout.
The Style: A Sleek and Polished Pony
1. Use a straightening iron to create a pin-straight effect.
2. Brush hair back from the forehead and secure into a tight pony at the back of the head with a hair elastic.
3. Wrap a small section of hair around the elastic to cover it, and secure with a bobby pin.
4. Smooth flyaways and the ponytail itself with hair spray for a picture-perfect finish (we used Sebastian Shaper).

Fashion Week: Colorful Characters

from electric neons to rich earth tones, it’s no secret that we’re crazy for color—and our spring 2013 collection is no exception. we asked some familiar faces in the crowd to pick their favorite hue and (here’s the tricky part) name it anything they want in the world. check out their creative answers below…
“The amazing neon pink, I’d name it something like 'Highlighter'!”

—Caroline Issa, fashion director, Tank Magazine
(and J.Crew ad campaign star)
“I absolutely love the lilac. I’d call it 'Bowles Mauve'.”

—Hamish Bowles, international editor-at-large, Vogue
“The brown and the green in the men’s collection are great.
We’d call them 'Mahogany and Lawn'.”

—Chris and Kirk Bray, founders and designers of Billykirk
“The beautiful rich blue color, and I’d name it 'Lapis Blue' since lapis is my favorite stone.”

—Pamela Love, jewelry designer
“The emerald green immediately caught my eye and, since I’m
a jewelry designer, I’d name it 'Big Bauble Green'.”

—Lisa Salzer, Lulu Frost designer

Fashion Week: Seen & Heard

we put a few guests at our spring presentation in the hot seat…
NINA GARCIA, Marie Claire fashion director
Thoughts on the presentation?
I love it. It’s such a spirited collection—full of color, full of happiness.
First Fashion Week memory?
My first show was Calvin Klein, and I used a fake ticket from another editor. That’s my first memory—getting in with an adulterated ticket.

PHILIP CRANGI, jewelry designer, Giles & Brother/Philip Crangi
Thoughts on the presentation?
Gorgeous palette—very fresh. I’m loving the yellow in both the men’s and women’s collections. It’s the perfect color for my mood right now.

RICHARD HAINES, fashion illustrator
First Fashion Week memory?
Waiting for my coffee this morning. I don’t remember anything before that.
Side note: Check out Haines’s gorgeous illustrations of fashion week on his blog.

ANDY SPADE, co-founder, Partners & Spade
Favorite men’s looks?
I love the royal blue jacket. And the forest green jacket. That whole look—over the blazer with the jeans—that’s my favorite look. The chambray jacket is great too.
Favorite shoe?
The wing tips in the whiskey color (on the guy with the white jacket).

ERIC GOLDSTEIN, co-founder, The Jean Shop
Is there enough denim here for you?
There can never be enough denim.

Thoughts on the presentation?
I’m just here for the air-conditioning.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest coverage of our presentation…

(select photos by Kristen Somody Whalen/J.Crew)

Fashion Week: Backstage

behind-the-scenes pics taken moments before
presenting our women’s spring collection
Want more? Check out our Facebook page for all the backstage shots.

Fashion Week: Backstage

behind-the-scenes pics taken moments before
presenting our men’s spring collection
Want more? Check out our Facebook page for all the backstage shots.

Fashion Week: First Look

we’re on a post-presentation high after showing our spring collection
at Fashion Week this morning. here’s a sneak peek at the
collection, with plenty more behind-the-scenes buzz coming soon…
Check out the full online lookbook at

Fashion Week: Getting in the Mood

it’s a big day here at 770—we’re at our very first New York
Fashion Week to present our spring 2012 collection.
take a sneak peek at the mood board our head women’s designer,
Marissa Webb, put together for inspiration.
P.S. This is just the beginning…there’s more behind-the-scenes Fashion Week scoop on the way.

Prepping for Fashion Week

tomorrow morning marks our very first presentation at
New York Fashion Week. so how did we prepare?
let’s just say Starbucks did very brisk business last week…
Monday 9am: Putting it all together. Women’s designers Marissa and Somsack mix and match the collection to get the outfits just right.

Tuesday 11am: Location, location, location: scoping out the space where our presentation will be held.

Wednesday 12pm: Casting the models. Marissa and Somsack deliberate.

Thursday 3pm: How fitting. Frank, head of men’s design, tailors each outfit to the models.

Friday 6pm: Hair and makeup trials are underway
(P.S. stay tuned for the full beauty report after the show).

Saturday 2pm: Marissa, Somsack and our stylist, Gayle, put the finishing touches on each look.

Behind-the-Scenes Video of our Women’s Spring Preview 

Behind-the-Scenes Video of our Men’s Spring Preview 

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