Star Wars All-Stars

to celebrate our latest crewcuts tee collaboration with Lucasfilm, we spent a Sunday
morning with Star Wars™ fanatics (and fans-to-be) in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.
here’s a look at some of the action on set…
Have you ever been part of a photo shoot before?
“I don’t do this normally, no.”

I heard you had blue hair yesterday.
“Yes, it was striped, but my mom made me wash it out, though.”

How long have you been watching Star Wars?
“I’ve been watching since I was 5. So, for 3½ years.”

Do you know who says the quote that’s on your T-shirt?
“Darth Vader says it about Luke.”

What other movies have you seen lately?
“Iron Man 2 and Iron Man 3 in 3-D, Rise of the Guardians, Skyfall.”

Luca wears a Stars Wars for crewcuts tee, a french terry zip hoodie in brilliant cobalt,
a Champion track pant and Adidas sneakers.

Walker, what’s your favorite battle scene? 
“General Grievous versus Obi-Wan.” 

Miller, what about you? 
“When Darth Vader kills Palpatine and throws him out of the Death Star.”

Walker, do you have a favorite line from Star Wars? 
“‘Use the force, Luke!’” 

Miller, we heard you had a Star Wars–themed birthday party recently. How did it go?
“It was epic!”

Miller wears a Stars Wars for crewcuts tee, a crewcuts sun-faded short, crewcuts socks
and Blundstone® boots. Walker wears a Stars Wars for crewcuts tee, a crewcuts sun-faded
short, and Adidas® shoes.
image image
Lowe, you’re wearing braids, do you know who Princess Leia is?
“Princess Leia is cool. I would like my hair like that.”

What do you like to wear these days?
“I just got new floral Doc boots. I’ve had them for a while, but they finally fit. I also really
love these heart sunglases.”

Val, what’s your favorite movie?
“The Pink Panther shows. We have all of them.”

Lowe wears a Star Wars for crewcuts tee, Frankie short in neon floral, Selima Optique®
for crewcuts heart sunglasses and navy Converse sneakers with custom laces. Val wears a
Star Wars for crewcuts tee, a Flora & Henri khaki short and Vans camo half cab shoes.
Mavis and Bonnie
Have you girls seen Star Wars before? 

Bonnie, we like your tights. 
“I like stars. They’re bright and twinkly.”

Bonnie and Mavis wear Star Wars for crewcuts tees, crewcuts leggings and
Converse® Chuck Taylor sneakers.

Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
“Boba Fett. He has a jet pack on his back and it’s really cool. And when he flies and the fire
shoots out, it’s awesome!”

Do you have a favorite episode?
“Which one has Boba Fett? Oh, then The Empire Strikes Back.”

We like your Supergas. Do you wear sneakers a lot?
“Yes, I think the designs are cool, and you can wear different-colored shoelaces.”

Alden wears a Star Wars for crewcuts tee, a 45rpm jean and Superga® sneakers.
(interview with his mom, Kiana) 
We hear your husband is a big Star Wars fan. Has he made Carter watch?
“We’re not watching—yet. Right now his mornings are filled with Sesame Street
and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I’m not sure his attention span would last beyond
the opening credits.”

Is this Carter’s usual Sunday look?
“He loves getting dressed up. We go between button-downs and cool graphic tees. We
always put him in a skinny jean or a chino. He’s got a lot of colored pants that I’m teaching
my husband how to style him in.”

These Vans® are pretty cool.
“His favorite things are from crewcuts. But he also gets a ton of wear out of these cool
leather high-tops.”

Carter wears a Star Wars for crewcuts tee, a pull-on lightweight chino in straight fit, and
Vans for crewcuts washed sneakers in lava orange.

Photography by Shawn Brackbill.

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© 2014 by J.Crew. All Images and materials are copyrighted by J.Crew unless otherwise noted.

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