Slip-Ons with (Surprising) Street Cred

meet Mordechai Rubinstein, creator of the street-style blog Mister Mort and chronicler of the unconventional style choices of everyday guys, like the Birkenstock Boston®.
Mordechai, photographed in SoHo wears a pair of Birkenstock for J.Crew Boston clogs.

You seem to be a big fan of the Birkenstock Boston both for yourself and for guys on the blog. What’s the draw?
It’s what my friends and I wear after surfing, when you want to slip into something that could take you through the rest of your day.

How do you wear your Bostons?
I usually wear them with vintage military chinos or BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform; cargo pants), something with a roomier leg that I can roll up if I want to. I’ve been seeing other guys wearing them with slim sweatpants and cropped, cutoff denim though.
What’s the best way you’ve seen Bostons worn on the street?
A while ago, I saw someone wearing a pair with a really classic wide-striped flannel suit and a big hat in the middle of winter. The whole thing looked very cool and surprising. That’s kind of what started it for me.

Recommendations on when to pull them out?
Really anywhere except your wedding. I treat mine like I imagine other guys treat their leather loafers: the shoes you naturally go to when you’re on your way out the door.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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First Look
an exclusive look at our fall/winter 2014 presentation. (there’s more to come…)
Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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four #menswear guys, street-style photographer Tommy Ton and a whole bunch of sweats walk into a bar… fashion magic ensues. no, seriously, guess what? fleece is no longer just a punch line.

Photography by Tommy Ton.

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Sunday with…Stubbs
we spent a lazy Sunday morning idling around with our copywriter Coco (who wore silk loungewear and velvet Stubbs, of course) in her Greenwich Village apartment—and put her up to filling out our very own weekend-inspired Mad Libs.
Coco wears a Piamita™ Gaby top, Piamita™ Brigitte pant and Stubbs & Wootton® for J.Crew classic velvet slippers in checker ink.
Photography by Alexey Yurenev.

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Out & About: It’s Coat Season

temperatures have dropped seemingly overnight, and, since we know that when it comes to winter dressing your coat may just be the most important layer you put on in the morning, we asked a few of our stylish friends to take our newest outerwear out on the town.

Photography by Alexey Yurenev. Hair and makeup by Andrew Sotomayor, assistance by Michael Max.

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A Moment with…Candice Lake

we went sightseeing with the Aussie model and photographer in London’s South Bank
and made a few friends at the skate park while at it.
Candice wears a J.Crew Collection jeweled-collar topcoat, vintage sweater, Ginger & Smart skirt, Monica Vinader bracelets and Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti shoes.
Hometown and current home
Originally Sydney, Australia, now it’s South London.

Photographer, blogger and model.

What’s the best way to spend a day in London?
A Sunday morning bike ride around London on a Barclays Boris bike—they’re the best way to see London. Then stop off for coffee and a croissant at the Daylesford Organic in Pimlico. If it’s summer, pack a picnic and get lost somewhere in the middle of Hyde Park. And if you still have an appetite, have afternoon tea or dinner at the Wolseley (my favorite restaurant in London), then head off to a show or wine bar.

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Makeup by Nami Yoshida and assistance by Yoko.

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A Moment with…Laura Fantacci
the fashion stylist and blogger of Wearing It Today gives us a tour of her lively East London neighborhood while wearing a bold knit with equal aplomb.
Laura, photographed in her backyard, wears a J.Crew Collection printed calf hair skirt and Christian Louboutin sandals. She layers a J.Crew double gem necklace with a pear necklace.
How did you get your start in the fashion industry?
I started right from the bottom and loved every minute of it. My first job was laying out chairs for the catwalk shows during London Fashion Week! I spent a lot of time working in the fashion department of magazines. (It was at a time when I still sent requests by fax!) My luck was that I worked as an intern for Tatler while Isabella Blow was fashion director. She noticed me, and from there, it was all uphill.

Who would be your dream person to style?
Gwyneth Paltrow.

Any styling tricks you’ve picked up along the way?
A good coat covers a multitude of sins and can instantly make you look pulled together. Pointy pumps noticeably elongate your legs.

Since you’re a J.Crew fan, tell us what you’re eyeing this season.
Oh gosh! Where do I start? If I had to choose one item, it would be the leopard-print skirt I wore for the photo shoot. I think a printed pencil skirt is the new wardrobe staple—every woman should own one.

What’s one piece of clothing you’ll never get tired of wearing?
Cashmere sweaters. I wear them from work to weekend.

You know you’re a Londoner when…
You annoy cab drivers by telling them the best way to get to your destination.

What’s the best way to spend a day in London?
Breakfast at Ottolenghi on Upper Street with a hot chocolate and a croissant, then a long walk along Regent’s Canal, a little browse in the shops on Marylebone High Street, followed by people-watching at The Wolseley and then to the National Portrait Gallery (it always has something special going on).

Photography by Bryan Derballa. Makeup by Nami Yoshida and assistance by Yoko.

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personal style is something of a mystery—it’s as unique as your own handwriting. here, our attempt at breaking it down for you…

In addition to blogging, you also take photographs. Tell us a bit about that pairing.
I’ve always loved telling stories through images. The blog was started as a means to add a photography voice to the existing personal-style conversation in the blogosphere, and a career as a photographer was a natural progression.

Your own personal style is documented on your blog. How would you describe it?
I’m a bit of a tomboy, so my personal style is very menswear inspired. I do quite a bit of vintage shopping. Well, I’m a big eBay fan. Atlantis Attic in Brooklyn is a firm favorite, and from time to time Beacon’s Closet throws up some pretty wonderful things. Goodwill is surefire for basics and jackets. I like lots of layers and lots of hats.
Photography by Bryan Derballa. Hair and makeup by Stefanie Syat.

Special thanks to Isa in Williamsburg.

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personal style is something of a mystery—it’s as unique as your own handwriting. here, our attempt at breaking it down for you…

Tell us a bit about what you do.
I’ve written three books and often write for magazines (the New Yorker, New York Times, Financial Times, Newsweek, Time, Los Angeles Times, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, etc.) but also on style (GQ, Departures, etc.). And I maintain a style blog too.

Who influenced your personal style while growing up?
My father probably influenced me most in terms of style—although he had much more rigorous rules befitting of the times—and other diplomats I grew up seeing, mostly American and British. Of course, film and music stars such as Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra and, when I was a teenager, Sean Connery as James Bond. Plus, Steve McQueen in everything he did.
Photography by Shawn Brackbill.

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Fall Calls For…a New Suit

two guys in our office give a few of our favorite Ludlow suits their own sartorial stamp.
Alejandro wears the Ludlow suit in Prince of Wales glen plaid English wool, Ludlow spread-collar shirt in end-on-end, wool knit tie in tangerine, tipped Italian linen pocket square and Alfred Sargent for J.Crew double monk strap shoes.
Mike wears the Ludlow suit in brown Italian wool flannel, Ludlow spread-collar shirt, silk tie in navy foulard and Alfred Sargent™ for J.Crew American brogues.

Special thanks to The Third Man and The Cleveland.

Photography by Bryan Derballa.

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