Souvenir Shopping: Rajasthan, India

like all seasoned travelers, our Style Guide team are experts at bringing back little mementos from their trips. here, a look at some of their favorite finds from our June Style Guide shoot in Rajasthan, India’s (jaw-droppingly beautiful) largest state.
Spotted: Two of our models in the Udaipur City Palace in southern Rajasthan, a series of interconnected palaces made entirely from marble and granite.
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Travel Diary: Liya Kebede’s Tanzania

for our June Style Guide, our crew, which included multitasking model, philanthropist and lemlem® designer Liya Kebede, packed their bags and headed to Tanzania, Africa, where the take-your-breath-away game parks and roaming animals (rescue elephants, zebras, giraffes and a baby goat we nicknamed Daisy) were utterly inspiring. here, Liya shares her favorite moments from her very first visit to the country.
Photography by Bryan Derballa.

To learn more about and donate to the Liya Kebede Foundation, the nonprofit organization Liya started that helps raise awareness for women’s maternal health in third-world countries, click here.

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On location: Hello, Tokyo!

this month, we took to the vibrant streets of Tokyo, Japan. in between
shots, our crew managed to squeeze in a spot of souvenir shopping…
Sushi-shaped candy: “I brought these back as a cute gift for my coworkers.
Love the whimsy and tongue-in-cheek quality they have.
And, as with everything else in Japan, the packaging is just exquisite.”

—Gayle, head women’s stylist

Tenugui: “These are hand-dyed cotton cloths called tenugui. They feature
traditional Japanese patterns, and people in Tokyo use them for anything
and everything—gift wrap, headbands, lunch boxes, you name it.”

—Brian, crewcuts prop stylist

Handmade brushes: “I bought these handmade brushes in a tiny store in
the Asakusa neighborhood. You can find all sorts of traditional
Japanese items there, from makeup worn by Kabuki actors to
horsehair toothbrushes like these.”

—Allison, associate stylist

Soy sauce bowl: “This beautiful soy sauce bowl comes from a store called
Pass the Baton, which sells used items and traditional Japanese goods.
All the used pieces have a tag telling the story of where they come from and
their past owner—a really unique and personal touch.”


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