Vest in Show

Maggie’s seasonless in-vest-ment piece
(see what we did there?)
What do you do at J.Crew?
I’m the assistant accessories designer for handbags, hats and gloves.

Does your vest have a history?
I bought it at Goodwill for $7 while visiting my sister in Texas. I got a lot of bang for my buck.

If your vest could talk, what would it say?
It would probably ask for a vacation…or at least to be washed more often.

Do you have any other signature pieces in your wardrobe?
Probably my jewelry. It’s always the same thing: I have two stacks of bracelets that I take turns with, a charm necklace from my Grandma and this rabbit’s foot necklace I made. My jewelry has meaning to me so I keep it close. I turned one of my Grandma’s pendants into a tattoo a couple years ago and now my sister and I both have it.

After watching Maggie layer her vest year-round, we couldn’t bear to retire ours at summer’s end.

Muse of the Month

to send off summer in style (today is officially the last day),
we’re showcasing a week’s worth of outfits worn by our
favorite shorts-with-heels enthusiast: Nantucket native and
women’s designer Aaron
What is your role at J.Crew?
I design for the women’s wovens team, currently focusing on denim and washed product.

Where are you originally from?
Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

Do you have any local Nantucket spots you can share with us?
The Downy Flake for the world’s most awesome doughnuts, Henry’s Jr. for sandwiches, the Cottage Hospital Thrift Store and the take-it-or-leave-it area at the dump (you can find awesome pieces of clothing, furniture, books, art, etc.). Madequecham Beach on the South Shore (infamous for its epic annual summer beach party during the ’80s), the Madequecham Jam, Cisco Breweries for after-beach hanging out, Black Eyed Susan’s for the most amazing food and relaxed vibe on the island and the Chicken Box for live bands/dance parties/having too much fun.

Tell us about your whale shorts.
They’re the original whale pants from Murray’s Toggery Shop on Nantucket, also famous for their Reds. I got my first pair of pants when I was in middle school, and I’ve been collecting them ever since. I like to look for old ones at the thrift store, the take it or leave it or Murray’s Warehouse, where they keep all their dead stock.

You’re our muse of the week, but who do you look to when coming up with an outfit?
I get a lot of inspiration when getting dressed and designing from people who aren’t trying to be fashionable but just have killer personal style, like little old ladies who can’t be bothered or some musician on the train. When we were taking one of these pictures, I saw the coolest lady wearing a black floral caftan and a black felt hat just to run out to the bodega or something—awesome!
Another huge inspiration is my Nana…she had a pretty rocking look, and I see a lot of her in what I wear…albeit it’s a lot shorter than she would approve of, but her vibe is definitely there.

You’re a mother of two. Do you have any style tips for looking put together but still being able to run after your kids?
I don’t think you have to dumb down your style because you have kids— you just need to make a few adjustments. Things that can be washed are key, and save the heels for work or going out…being on crutches and chasing after kids is a deal breaker.

Nautical by Nature

a micro-trend spotted among the 770 office staffers
Mixing stripes with a dash of animal print is a perfect way to transition your summer stripes into
early fall.

1. Lizza accents her polished navy look with a double dose of animal prints.
2. Lauren keeps her look casual with cutoffs and oxfords.
3. Molly plus one balances out a bold-hued pant with an animal print scarf.

Wristy Business

around the office, girls are letting their wrists do the talking.
from bright hues to heavy metal, each set is completely unique.
We’re loving the look of layered bracelets at 770. Mixing friendship bracelets, beads, bangles and watches gives every girl’s wrist a collected, eclectic feel. The more color and contrast, the better. Liv, one of our accessory designers, lends a hand to her favorites (seen above) and offers a few insider tips.

Here are a few of my favorite unexpected places to find bracelets to mix and match:
-Your grandmother’s jewelry box
-Local markets—I found some great friendship bracelets at a street fair a couple of weekends ago.
-On vacation! Always check the local shops…I always find treasures there.
-If you see something you like on a friend’s arm, negotiate a traded time share. It is a great way to mix it up a bit!

The Perfect Outfit—in Three Easy Pieces

we’re playing favorites with this look
(concocted by our superstylist Gayle, of course…)
1. The cashmere boyfriend cardigan
2. The sash skirt
3. Our Biella patent loafers

(The best extras? A smattering of peekaboo stripes and a cross-body saddle bag.)

Pajama Party

why your favorite pj’s should get
to see the light of day
There’s something special about a crisp menswear-inspired cotton shirt. It’s perfect tucked into jeans, looks chic with slouchy trousers and it’s even better if it just so happens to have a matching companion—a pair of pajama pants.

This double-duty styling has been seen in editorials and on staffers at 770 who can’t get enough of this quirky trend (seen above on our head of crewcuts design, Jenny Cooper). Our vintage pajama tops are just right to tuck in and try this “night-for-day” idea.

(post by Tracy Rosenbaum; editorial credit: Dossier & Paris Vogue)

A Sneak Peek at Fall’s Perfect Uniform

sent from Jack, our men’s stylist,
while on set at our November shoot
My favorite everyday at-work look for fall—a black cashmere crewneck, dark rinse 484s and a pair of brown leather penny loafers.

(post by Jack O’Connor)

Pair it, Wear it

We heart our Ruthie shirtdress.
The secret ingredient of our latest do-it-all,
’50s-inspired frock? A nipped waist and a pleated
A-line skirt for a flattering-on-everyone fit.
with a bright vintage belt (or an animal print accessory if you’re feeling feisty).

to work or to play (this dress is as versatile and feminine as it gets).

770 Shoe Files

At J.Crew, we’re completely shoe obsessed.
That’s why we’re excited to share a peek at the
well-heeled staffers at 770. From vintage boots to
comfy strappy sandals, you’ll be inspired to put
your best foot forward. Stay tuned for a weekly
dish on all things foot worthy!
Name: Tracy R., our women’s In Good Company guru

What kind of shoes are you wearing?
Fratelli Rossetti for J.Crew New Brera loafers (custom colors available now in select stores and online
late summer).

Anything special about them?
They have the softest leather, the best finish and handmade tassels—so they’re pretty much my
dream shoe.

If your shoes could talk, what would they say?
They would be excellent at giving directions, seeing as they walk or bike just about everywhere!

How do your shoes make you feel?
Part ’60s Ivy Leaguer with a bit of Margot Tenenbaum. I think my mom cried with joy the day I told her I finally wanted a pair of loafers; she’d been trying to push them on me for years. What can I say other than Mother knows best?

If you could walk anywhere in these shoes, where would it be?
Paris. Always Paris, no matter what the shoe!

(post by Dulci Cuprill)

Pair it, Wear it

a henley reminder: pick up a rugby-stripe tee in our
famous vintage cotton and wear it straight into fall.
check back for a new pick next week.
with denim cut offs and a tan.

with the sleeves rolled up on a summer’s-last-hurrah road trip.

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